Agenda and Minutes

Council and Committee meetings are open to the general public and held at the Municipal Office in the Olde Town Hall in the Council Chambers unless otherwise posted.

To view Council meeting Minutes or Agendas, click here.

To view the Council meeting Minutes or Agendas prior to April 2017, click here.

The Council Meeting Schedule is subject to change and shall be revised should a meeting time, date and/or location be changed. Click here to view our Procedural By-Law 79-2015.

2018 Council Meeting Calendar - * this calendar is "subject to change"

2017 Council Meeting Calendar - * this calendar is "subject to change"

Click here to view the 2018 Budget Meeting Schedule.

If you wish to speak with Council or Committee, please download a Delegation Form.

Correspondence must be received by noon on the Tuesday prior to the scheduled Committee or Council meeting.

Correspondence includes, but is not limited to, the following: letter, memorandum, report, notice, electronic mail, fax, petition, etc.

The Clerk reserves the right to withhold any correspondence from the agenda, any item that may be considered inappropriate or offensive in nature.

Please ensure that any information that may be personal in nature is removed from this written material as it becomes a part of the public Council Agenda Package.

Council receives the Council Agenda Package digitally, therefore the Clerk requires any written materials be provided digitally (preferably be email).

Privacy Notice

Be advised that Council and Committee meeting agendas, minutes and all information presented at an open meeting are public documents and are published on the Municipality of South Huron website.

When communicating with the Municipality of South Huron, be aware that your correspondence or delegation materials, (together with your name and address), may be included on the Council or Committee meeting agenda and subsequently appear on the corporate website.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Clerk at 519-235-0310 or clerk [at]