Appointment By-law


By-Law # 6-2018

Being a by-law to appoint members to the various Boards, Committees and Authorities in the Municipality of South Huron.

Whereas the Municipal Act 2001, as amended, Section 8 confers broad authority on municipalities thereby allowing them to govern their affairs as they consider appropriate and to enhance their ability to respond to municipal issues; and

Whereas the Council of the Municipality of South Huron deems it expedient to appoint persons to provide for and assist in the administration, protection and management of the Municipality; and

That the appointment set out herein shall coincide with the term of Council unless otherwise specified; and

That the appointments of citizens, staff members and members of Council to all other

Committees be as follows and shall remain in effect until replacement appointments are made by

resolution or amendments to the Appointment By-Law;

Now Therefore Be It Resolved That the Council of The Corporation of the Municipality of South Huron enacts as follows:

1. Committees of Council
1.1 Community Hub/Recreation Centre Project Steering Committee
  •  Councillor Craig Hebert
  • Councillor Ted Oke
  • Brandon Babbage
  • Craig Ivatts
  • Peter Hrudka
  • Mike Ondrejicka
  • Ron Mayer
  • Dawn Rasenberg
  • Robert Oud
1.2 Dashwood Community Centre Advisory Committee - Joint with Bluewater
  • Councillor Tom Tomes
  • John Becker (Bluewater Councillor)
  • Don Weigand, Chair
  • John Becker
  • Kathy Hayter
  • Justin Hayter
  • Rob Hoffman
  • Ted Hoffman
1.3 Dashwood Community Development Fund Committee
  • Councillor Tom Tomes
  • Councillor Marissa Vaughan
  • Ken Rader
1.4 Exeter Community Development Fund Committee     
  • Councillor Wayne DeLuca
  • Councillor Craig Hebert
  • Lauryn Marion
1.5 Exeter Swimming Pool and Washroom Project Design and Construction Committee
  • Councillor Wayne Deluca
  • Rachel Skillen (Optimist Representative)
  • Taryn Anstett
  • CAO Dan Best
1.6 Kirkton-Woodham Community Centre Committee of Management - Joint with Municipality of Perth South
  • Councillor Ted Oke, South Huron Representative
  • Melinda Zurbrigg, Perth South Representative
  • Chris Weernink, President
  • Martin Hymus, Vice President
  • Tim Shute, Treasurer
  • Dave Frayne, Secretary
  • Bill Denham
  • Matt Froud
  • Rob Morley
1.7 Kirkton-Woodham Swim Pool Committee- Joint with Municipality of Perth South
  • Councillor Ted Oke, South Huron Representative
  • Melinda Zuribrigg, Perth South Council Representative
  • Jodi Froud, Chair
  • Jenna Becker, Vice-Chair
  • Pam Benoit, Secretary
  • Candice Harris
  • Lisa Hartman
  • Shannon Ross
  • Angela Douglas
  • Tammy Thibert
  • Lori Weber
  • Bill Denham
1.8 Rodeo Committee
  • Councillor Craig Hebert
  • Scott Nickles, Chair
  • Steve Clarke
  • Dennis Gower
  • Gus Guerts
  • Dave Marshall
  • Brenda McCarter
  • Brittany McCarter
  • Tanner Merner
  • Bob Parsons
  • Brittany Wise
1.9 Social And Volunteer Appreciation Committee
  • Councillor Tom Tomes
  • Councillor Wayne DeLuca
1.10 South Huron Communities In Bloom Committee
  • Councillor Craig Hebert
  • Cathy Seip, Chair
  • Dorothy Henderson, Vice Chair
  • Beth Cooper
  • Glen Nicholson
  • George Wilson
  • Debbie Mountenay
1.11 South Huron Economic Development Advisory Committee
  • Councillor Wayne DeLuca
  • Councillor Marissa Vaughan
  • Teresa Van Raay, South Huron Chamber Representative, alternate
  • Jon Gaiser, South Huron Chamber Representative, Chair
  • Pat O’Rouke
  • Allen Plant, Exeter BIA Representative
  • Larry Taylor
1.12 South Huron Heritage Advisory Committee
  • Councillor Wayne DeLuca
  • Marion Creery
  • Laurie Dykstra
  • June Hodgson
  • Alec Moore
1.13 South Huron Landfill Liaison Committee
  • Councillor Craig Hebert
  • Deputy Mayor Dave Frayne
  • Jack Glavin
  • Donna Shapton

1.14 Property Standards Committee

  • All of Council
1.13 Committee of Adjustment
  • All of Council


2. Council representatives appointed to external committees
2.1 South Huron Chamber of Commerce
Councillor Wayne DeLuca
2.2 South Huron Farmers Market
Councillor Craig Hebert
2.3 Bach Festival Committee
Deputy Mayor Dave Frayne


3. Appointments to local boards
3.1 Exeter Business Improvement Association
  •  Councillor Craig Hebert
3.2 South Huron Police Services Board
  • Council Representative Mayor Maureen Cole
  • Community Representative Mark Hartman
  • Provincial Representative Jim Dietrich
3.3 Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority Board
  • Deputy Mayor Dave Frayne
3.4 Bluewater Recycling Association
  •  Councillor Tom Tomes
3.5 Joint Operating Board - Lake Huron Primary Water Board
  • Mayor Maureen Cole
  • Councillor Marissa Vaughan, alternate
3.6 Upper Thames River Conservation Authority
  • Tony Jackson, Council Representative
3.7 Grand Bend Area Sewage Plant Board
  • Mayor Cole
  • Councillor Marissa Vaughan
  • Councillor Tom Tomes
  • Deputy Mayor Dave Frayne, alternate


4. Appointment of authorities

4.1 Drainage Engineer

Wm. J. Dietrich, P. Eng., Pursuant to the Drainage Act
4.2 Dog Pound
South Huron Veterinary Clinic, Pursuant to the Current South Huron Animal Control By-Law
4.3 Solicitors’ 
Little Masson & Reid and Lerners LLP
4.4 Overall Responsible Operator (ORO) South Huron Water Distribution System and South Huron Wastewater Treatment and Wastewater Collection System, DWQMS Reg., Safe Drinking Water Act
 Shawn Young
4.5 Quality Management, DWQMS Reg., Safe Drinking Water Act
Don Giberson, Environmental Services Director


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