Assessment and Appeals


Property owners in the residential, farm and managed forest property classes who have concerns with the current value assessment or classification of their property should contact the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) by first submitting a Request for Reconsideration (RFR) form. MPAC will conduct a review. This service is free of charge. Deadline to file is printed on your Property Assessment Notice.

Property owners in all other classes can choose to file either a RFR (Non-Residential) or proceed directly with an Assessment Review Board Appeal (ARB).

Visit to learn more about how your property was assessed. Look for your Roll Number and Access Key on your Property Assessment Notice to register.

Assessment Review Board Complaints (ARB)

To file a complaint with the Assessment Review Board, a property owner must have previously submitted a Request for Reconsideration to MPAC by the deadline printed on your assessment notice. The deadline to file with the ARB is 90 days from the mailing date on the RFR decision from MPAC. For those filing directly with the ARB the deadline is March 31st.

For more information about assessment appeals, please visit the Environment and Land Tribunals Ontario.


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