By-law Enforcement


The Municipality of South Huron's By-Law Enforcement team is committed to serving, protecting and providing a desirable quality of life for residents and visitors. South Huron's By-Law Enforcement department deals with issues such as:

  • Parking Enforcement
  • Licensing and Permit Services
  • Property Standards
  • Animal Services

The by-law department operates on a complaint basis by following the by-law complaint process. When a complaint is received, it is investigated and appropriate action(s) are taken.

You can contact the Clerk's Office at (519) 235-0310 for more information regarding Municipal By-Law Enforcement services.

By-Law Enforcement Officer

At times residents may act in a way that is offensive to others. The Municipal By-Law Enforcement Officer investigates concerns such as noise complaints (e.g. barking dogs, loud music), littering/dumping, fences, portable signs, and other matters that are addressed by municipal by-laws.

Our Municipal By-Law Enforcement objectives are:

  • to increase public awareness of the municipality's current by-laws
  • to assist residents to become more familiar with their responsibilities and rights as property owners or tenants
  • to achieve compliance with our by-laws through education rather than fines

By-Law Enforcement Framework

Council received a By-Law Services Strategy Review at their April 22, 2024 Committee of the Whole Meeting. This review outlined the Municipality's By-Law Enforcement Framework which is based an enforcement continuum that focuses on voluntary compliance, education, and outreach. A service level matrix was also included as part of the By-Law Services Strategy Review. 

How to make a complaint

By-law infraction complaints can be submitted in person at the Municipal Office located at 322 Main Street South, Exeter. Complaints can also be submitted using the online Report It form. The Municipality requires a written complaint with contact information for follow-up. Depending on the nature of the offence, you may be asked to provide evidence and/or to appear as a witness in any court proceeding pertaining to the complaint made.

Parking Enforcement

Parking complaints can be submitted using the online Report It form. Parking is enforced through the South Huron Parking By-Law by Municipal By-Law Enforcement. For more information on parking enforcement please contact the Municipal Office at 519-235-0310.

Voluntary Payment of a Parking Ticket

Please make cheques payable to the Municipality of South Huron and can be delivered to the Municipal Office at 322 Main Street South, Exeter or by mail to; 

322 Main Street South
PO Box 759
Exeter ON N0M 1S6

Payments by cash can be delivered to the Municipal Office at 322 Main Street South, Exeter. Please ensure that you include your name, address and the Parking Infraction number to ensure that the payment is applied to the correct ticket. 
Debit payments can be made at the Municipal Office located at 322 Main Street South, Exeter. 
 Credit / Online Payments

Online payments can be made by Credit Card through South Huron's eCommerce website. To register for online payment please follow these instructions. Please ensure you have your credit card, ticket number and licence plate number ready as this information is required to complete the payment. 

Trial / Appealing a Parking Ticket
  1. You or your agent must attend in person at the Municipal Office located at 322 Main Street South, Exeter within 15 days of issuance of the Parking Infraction to file a Notice of Intention to Appear in Court.
  2. You or your agent must bring the Parking Infraction with you to begin the process.
  3. You cannot set a trial date by mail.
  4. For your convenience and to save time, you may call the office in advance for an appointment at 519-235-0310.

Unpaid Parking Tickets

  1. After the Parking Infraction has been issued you have 15 days in which to pay it. The payment options are listed above.
  2. Following the 15 days, you will receive a Notice of Impending Conviction (NIC) in the mail. The NIC has a due date on it and is a reminder that the Parking Infraction has not yet been paid. 
  3. If the ticket is not paid by the due date on the NIC the ticket is then forward on to the Provincial Offences Administration Office in Goderich for collection. At this time, the municipality is no longer able to accept payment for this Parking Infraction. 
  4. Once the unpaid Parking Infraction has been sent to the Provincial Offences Administration Office in Goderich you will receive instructions from them regarding the next steps in paying the Parking Infraction. 


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