Community Safety and Well-Being


The Municipality of South Huron is currently working with the Huron County Community Safety and Well-Being Working Group to develop a plan to enhance how we collaborate with community partners and residents on issues that impact the safety and well-being within South Huron. 

The goal will be to introduce a Community Safety and Well-Being Plan. The plan will set out how we work with the community to improve the safety, health and well-being of the residents of South Huron. 

For more information on legislative requirements towards creating a Community Safety and Well-Being Plan please visit the Ministry of the Solicitor General. 

Community Input

The community will help to shape the plan and focus on key issues. To do this we are asking members of the South Huron community to participate in our Community Safety and Well-being survey. The survey will help to identify key concerns that members of the community have about safety, health and well-being. The survey is being conducted with the Huron County Community Safety and Well-Being Working group and is inviting residents to participate in the survey. This survey will help to understand the current well-being and feelings on safety of residents in the lower-tier municipalities of Huron County so we can work together to focus on local actions that will improve quality of life for everyone. 

The survey includes questions abut your day-to-day life, health, education, employment, safety, leisure, and recreation experiences, as well as what you think about living, working and playing in your community. By sharing your experiences and what matters to you, you help to shape life in your community, determine key priorities, and indicate where you think change is needed most.

Access the Community Safety and Well-being Survey here

Who Leads the Plan

A leadership group will be created to lead the Plan. This group and specific working groups will work towards creating a Community Safety and Well-Being Plan. After the plan has been created these groups will continue to work with the community to identify key issues and find the right solutions to priority issues. 

How Can You Help?

If you are a resident or a business owner within South Huron we are asking you to participate in our online Community Safety and Well-Being Survey. A paper copy of the survey can also be made available at the Municipal Office located at 322 Main Street South in Exeter.


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