The Government of Ontario's province-wide state of emergency that was first declared on March 17 has been extended until July 24. See the province's Emergency Information page for the latest news. All orders (laws) made under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act are currently in effect until July 29.

The Municipality of South Huron has put in place measures to prevent the potential spread of COVID-19 in our communities. The situation is constantly being assessed and any new information regarding impacts to municipal services will be provided here. We also have web pages for information on community and personal supports available and support programs for businesses to help recover from COVID-19 lock down impacts.

To learn more about our reopening plan, please visit our Reopening Phases page.

People are urged to continue following the guidance of Huron Perth Public Health. Their Health Line intake phone line (1-888-221-2133) is open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Please note that the Health Line intake phone has been experiencing high call volumes. Huron Perth Public Health

Status of Municipal Services 

South Huron Council and staff are committed to providing essential municipal services to our communities. All municipal departments are available by phone or email for inquiries. For a list of municipal contacts, please visit our Contact Us page. 

An update on the status of municipal services (both essential continued and suspended services) is provided below by service area. Please note the following measures are in effect until further notice

Administration and Licencing

The following services are currently suspended:

  • Commissioning services
  • In-person payment and inquiry for property tax, utilities and parking tickets
  • Marriage licences and marriage ceremonies
  • Town Hall in-person service

All other municipal administrative services are currently being offered over the phone or by email. Applications for licencing can be submitted via email to Please note that there may be some slight processing delays. Thank you for your patience.

Building Department Services

UPDATE: On May 14, 2020, the government announced that it was lifting limits on construction activities that can take place under the List of List of Essential Businesses established under the Emergency Order (O. Reg 82/20).   This means that all construction activities or projects and related services that support construction activities or projects, including demolition services, can commence or restart as of May 19, 2020. 

The amended regulation (O.Reg. 223/20) can be found here:

Changes to Essential Services relating to Construction projects as a result of the Orders issued under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act (EMCPA) effective as of April 5, 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. See a letter from our Chief Building Inspector for details.

Electronic submissions of complete building permit applications will continue to be accepted and reviewed by staff. However, site inspections performed by municipal staff will be restricted and evaluated on case-by-case basis as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Construction projects with valid building permits shall contact the municipal office to request on-site inspections a minimum of 48 hrs in advance of any required inspection.

Inspection will be performed on the following basis:

• The site must be vacant of all trades during the inspection 

• Inspections will only take place in open air environments

• No inspections will be performed for occupied buildings

It will be the responsibility of the site supervisor to ensure these provisions are in place and failure to do so will result in a failed inspection. Subsequent to these inspections, builders may elect to hire a third party engineer or architect to conduct on-site inspections. These inspection reports must then be forwarded to the building department electronically. This includes any permits currently issued or reviewed during this time. Any decision not to conduct an inspection shall be at the discretion of the South Huron Building Department.

For more information, please contact the Building Department by email, phone (519) 235-0310 or by fax at (519) 235-3304.

Development Services (Planning)

The following essential services will continue:

  • Acceptance of planning applications
  • Acceptance of applications to the Committee of Adjustment
  • Letters of Conformity

Revised Procedure for Public Meeting due to COVID-19 Pandemic:

In light of the requirement for physical distancing in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, persons wishing to participate in the planning process are strongly encouraged to send their comments, questions or concerns via email, by mail or by telephone to the Planner or Clerk.

Rebekah Msuya-Collison, Director of Legislative Services/Clerk

Municipality of South Huron

322 Main Street South, Exeter, ON, N0M 1S6

519-235-0310 x 227

Craig Metzger, Senior Planner

Huron County Planning & Development Department

519-524-8394 x 3235

For those persons who wish to exercise their participation rights by making oral submissions rather than or in addition to submitting comments in writing, please note that Council meetings are being held electronically in response to the current situation. To join the electronic meeting, please contact the Clerk prior to 4:30PM on the date of the Public Meeting to receive instructions.

Emergency Services

If you are experiencing an emergency, please call 9-1-1. 

The following essential services will continue:

  • All emergency services 
  • Fire services will continue to respond to all emergency calls

The following services are temporarily suspended:

  • All inspection services

For property tax and utility bill payments please use one of the many alternative payment methods from our list with instructions for assistance. 

At the April 6th meeting, South Huron Council authorized the waiving of penalty charges on outstanding property tax and utility accounts to June 5th 2020.

Accounts payable – vendor payments are still being processed. Please send your invoices to and sign up for electronic fund payments. Email to request sign up forms.

Garbage and Recycling curbside pickup
Normal curbside pickup service by BRA continues. However, public drop off at the Material Recovery Facility is closed. Until further notice, BRA is not allowing residents to drop off e-waste or recyclables at their processing facility. Consult the BRA website for further information on affected services.
Parks and Playgrounds

In compliance with all provincial orders and regulations, South Huron amenities will reopen in stages. This means:

  • Users must continue to follow the guidance of Huron Perth Public Health when using these amenities.
  • Any person who enters or uses a facility must maintain a physical distance of at least two metres from any other person who is using the facility; team sports are not practiced or played within the facility
  • Other sports or games that are likely to result in individuals coming within two metres of each other are not to be practised or played within the facility
  • No public gatherings of more than five (10) people (this does not apply to those who live within the same household).

As of Friday, May 22nd at noon the following South Huron parks and sports fields will reopen to the public (see our News and Notices page for more information on South Huron's plan to reopen):

  • Ball Diamonds*
    • Timbit Ball Park
    • Crediton Sportplex ball diamond
    • Centralia Community Centre ball diamond
    • Kirkton-Woodham Complex ball diamond
    • Dashwood ball diamond
    • Wagner ball diamond
  • Soccer Fields*
    • Wagner Fields
    • Kirkton- Woodham Complex
  • Open Parks*
    • MacNaughton Park
    • Victoria Park
    • Lions Park
    • Main Street Parkette
    • Darling Park
    • Elliott Park

Playground structures, sports benches and dugouts have re-opened as of July 17 at noon.

The following remain closed until further notice:

  • Port Blake Park (tree planting and repairs in progress)
  • Community Soccer Field (Exeter) (repairs in progress)
  • Tennis Court (repairs in progress)

Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority properties - As of May 22, Trails and conservation areas owned and/or managed by Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority are reopened to limited use. For a full list of ABCA disruptions, visit their Service Disruptions page or call them at 519-235-2610.

Recreation Programming

Most recreation programming including third-party events hosted at municipal facilities are postponed.

However, pickleball has resumed indoors at the South Huron Recreation Centre. See our Recreation Programs page for details.

Staff continue to work with our programming partners on their safe return with further updates to be provided.

 Based on the feedback received from our partners, we are preparing to have operational ice at the South Huron Recreation Centre by August 31, 2020.


Roads continue to be maintained in full regulatory compliance. 

The following essential services will continue:

  • 911 Addressing Applications
  • Entrance applications
  • Grading
  • Municipal Drains
  • Pavement patching
  • Sidewalk Maintenance
  • Sod Repairs
  • Stormwater Management
  • Street Sweeping
  • Traffic and Street Lights
  • Winter Control

To report an issue, please contact us through our Report a Problem form. For urgent service afterhours, please call 519.235.0310 ext 7.

South Huron Facilities - Community Centres, Pools, Small Halls and Arenas

The Dashwood Community Centre, Crediton Community Centre and Kirkton-Woodham Community Centre will re-open to the public on Tuesday August 4th, 2020.

These openings come with additional safety measures, which include:

-        No use of the kitchen

-        Face masks are mandatory inside, as per Huron Perth Public Health

-        Maximum of 50 people inside the facility at any time

-        Social Distancing is required – 2 metres (6 feet)

-        Combining the 50 person gathering indoors and the 100 person gathering outdoors is prohibited


Renters will have to fill out a COVID-19 Safety Plan that needs to be approved by staff, prior to the rental.

To book Crediton and Dashwood, please call 519-235-0310 ext. 303 or

To book Kirtkon, please call 519-229-6786 or

South Huron Landfill

As of June 1st, the South Huron Landfill has returned to its regular operating hours. The public is reminded that physical distancing safety measures remain in place and that cash will not be accepted.

The South Huron Landfill will be open:

  • Monday to Friday, 9AM to 5PM
  • Saturdays 9AM to 2PM

Please note the landfill will remain closed on Sundays and statutory holidays.

Upon arrival, landfill customers will be asked to provide proof of South Huron residency (driver’s license) as the following landfill services are only available to residents of the municipality:

  • Residential waste (regular household garbage)
  • Yard Waste (leaves, tree branches, grass, sod)
  • Asphalt Roofing Shingles
  • Construction & Demolition material, including clean wood.
  • Stumps and large tree trunks
  • Concrete and bricks
  • Scrap metal
  • Tires (non-commercial only)
  • E-Waste
  • Residential Blue Bin Items
  • Refrigerant Appliances (not certified Freon Free)
  • Mattress and box springs (please note that the mattress recycling program is currently unavailable; all mattresses received during the period of essential services will be landfilled)
  • Debit payment, only; cash is not being accepted at this time
Spring Yard/Brush Curbside Collection

Leaves & compostable garden waste bags will be picked up by municipal staff between April 9 - May 8 as time and quantity permit. Please ensure that bags weigh 23kg (50lbs) or less for pick up. Please note that staff will not pick up overweight bags, bag that are not compostable paper bags, or bags that contain other waste such as garbage or animal feces.

Staff will pick-up weekly as weather permits (as per normal), however, the following measures are in place:

  • Individuals are encouraged to drop off at the landfill themselves. Excluding statutory holidays, the South Huron Landfill is currently open 9AM - 5PM on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.
  • If you are unwell or under a quarantine because of recent travels, do not place bags at the curb for pick up. Dispose of these materials at a later date when you are symptom free.

Brush pick up for residential customers will occur on May 6th. Brush must be bundled and tied in four foot lengths or less. 

Water Operations, Wastewater Treatment and Sewers

These services continue to be provided in full regulatory compliance.

The following services are temporarily suspended:

  • Entry into a customers’ home or businesses for any water or sewer related service   
  • All non-emergency water and sewer repairs 
  • Please note that new water meters will be installed, using special precautions

To report a water issue call 519.235.0310. For urgent service after hours, please call 519.235.0310 ext 7.

Important COVID-19 Information and Resources

Role of Huron Perth Public Health (HPPH)

Huron Perth Public Health (HPPH) is working with all levels of government, as well as local partners and stakeholders to provide information and guidance on how to respond to COVID-19 (novel coronavirus).   

HPPH provides updates through their Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update website. This site provides credible resources, guidance and local information for Huron and Perth, including:

  • Reliable information about COVID-19 including symptoms and how the virus spreads
  • Current information on COVID-19 cases in Huron and Perth
  • Steps to take if you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19

HPPH has a dedicated Health Line (1-888-221-2133 ext. 3267) for inquiries related to COVID-19 in Huron and Perth. The line is open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Please note that the Health Line intake phone has been experiencing high call volumes. 

The Huron-Perth Public Health's COVID-19 Information: Workplaces, Employers, Employees page is dedicated to provide resources regarding workplace health and safety during COVID-19. 

County of Huron 
For information regarding COVID-19 related closures and cancellations for the County of Huron, visit their Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information page. 
Province of Ontario's Response to COVID-19

The provincial Ministry of Health provides information on the response and case numbers across Ontario through their 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) website. This site provides credible resources, guidance and information regarding COVID-19 in Ontario.

Ontario Government's Online Assessment Tool was created for individuals who have coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms or have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive to aid in determining how to seek further care.  

The Province of Ontario has created a Ontario's Action Plan: Responding to COVID-19 to ensure our health care system, communities and economy are positioned to weather the challenges ahead. 

Business Openings

The Ontario government has begun to implement Reopening Ontario through moving forward with a regional approach to Stage 2 reopening of the province by permitting more businesses and services to reopen, if it is safe to do so. 

All retail stores with a street entrance can provide curbside pickup and delivery, as well as in-store payment and purchases at garden centres, nurseries, hardware stores and safety supply stores. Teleworking and online commerce are permitted at all times for all businesses. Businesses can refer to the list of essential workplaces for more information on workplaces that can safely reopen.

On April 30, the Ontario Government has released a series of technical sector guidance documents for workplaces during the COVID-19 outbreak. These documents help support employers and employees in remaining safe in the workplace. 

The Huron-Perth Public Health's COVID-19 Information: Workplaces, Employers, Employees page is dedicated to provide resources regarding workplace health and safety during COVID-19. 

Below are other resources aimed to assist in ensuring the health and safety in the workplace during COVID-19:

The Ontario Government has launched a Ontario Together:help fight coronavirus page, which includes a directory of Find PPE Supplies which includes companies and suppliers who produce personal protective equipment (PPE) to help businesses protect their employees.

Rapid Response Platform was created and supported by a number of industry partners in order to automatically match supply with demand for companies requiring PPE supplies. 

State of Emergency

The Government of Ontario's province-wide state of emergency that was first declared on March 17 has been extended until July 24. See the province's Emergency Information page for the latest news. Orders (laws) made under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act are in effect until July 29. 

For a complete list of all emergency orders enacted by the Government of Ontario in response to COVID-19, visit their Emergency Information page. 

Government of Canada's Response to COVID-19

Public Health Agency of Canada provides information on current cases, risk to Canadians, and updates through their Coronovirus disease (COVID-19) webpage. The webpage includes a COVID-19 Virtual Assistant (headset icon located at the bottom right corner of the page) that can assist individuals in finding the COVID-19 information they are looking for.

The Government of Canada has developed a COVID-19 Economic Response Plan which will support Canadians and businesses facing hardship as a result of the pandemic.     

The following laws have been put in place by the Government of Canada:

Attention Travellers: Mandatory self-isolation in effect for individuals entering Canada

Effective March 26, the Public Health Agency of Canada issued an Emergency Order under the Quarantine Act requiring any person entering Canada (by air, sea or land) to self-isolate for 14 days, whether or not they have symptoms of COVID-19.

There are some exceptions which are listed on Public Health Agency of Canada's travel advice website

March 25 - New Order Makes Self-Isolation Mandatory for Individuals Entering Canada

Enforcement of Provincial and Federal Orders

The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) have the authority to uphold federal and provincial orders (laws).

If you have concerns about an order violation, residents are encouraged to call the Ontario Provincial Police non-emergency line (1-888-310-1122). DO NOT call 9-1-1 unless you need emergency service.

Please note, there may be some adjustments to all non-emergency services administered by the OPP.

Community Resources and Personal Support Services

See our new page dedicated to listing community resources and personal support services to help people get through these difficult times.

Business Resources

See our new page dedicated to listing support programs to help businesses recover from the COVID-19 lock down.

South Huron's Response to COVID-19

See our internal management system

The COVID-19 event continues to evolve rapidly. Over the past several weeks our management team has been implementing measures to keep our communities safe. Some of our strategies and tactics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Weekly Emergency Operations Centre Meetings with members from the Emergency Control Group (ECG). Although an Emergency has not been declared, this group is a valuable resource in examining an overall community response. The ECG includes the South Huron Mayor and Management Team, the Community Emergency Management Coordinator (CEMC) as well as representatives from Huron Perth Public Health, OPP and EMS.
  • Weekly management meetings between the Management Team and Mayor
  • Weekly teleconference with Huron Perth Public Health
  • Attendance of teleconference briefings with provincial ministers and medical officer of health.
  • A partnership with the United Way Perth Huron to launch a program connecting members of the community in need with those able to provide assistance.
  • Daily updates to Council including daily activity reports, COVID-19 Workplan updates and updates following our pandemic planning document in conjunction with our municipality's Emergency Plan.
  • Frequent public communications and website updates regarding municipal service levels, as well as recommended sources of information to follow (Huron Perth Public HealthProvince of OntarioHealth Canada).

Read our news releases and public notices

July 17 - Municipality of South Huron continues to implement re-opening plan as province enters Phase 3

June 10 - Municipality updates on re-opening framework

May 29 - South Huron Landfill returns to normal operating hours June 1

May 20 - Municipality of South Huron to implement reopening plan

May 15 - Victoria Day long weekend notice

May 15 - Mayor Finch's message to the community ahead of the Victoria Day weekend

April 9 - Mayor Finch thanks front line workers

April 9 - South Huron Landfill re-opens to provide essential services to businesses and residents

April 4 - Municipality of South Huron closes all parks to the public

April 3 - Enforcement of COVID-19 safety measures

March 30 - Municipality urges youth to follow physical distancing requirements

March 28 - Mayor Finch responds to first confirmed case of COVID-19 in South Huron

March 27 - South Huron announces new measures to prevent COVID-19 spread

March 26 - COVID-19 Information

March 25 - Municipality of South Huron and United Way Perth Huron encourage community to “Help Do Local Good” amid COVID-19 Outbreak

March 24 - South Huron municipal service update

March 23 - Mayor Finch urges people to stay at home

March 21 - South Huron closes all municipal playgrounds

March 20 - Mayor Finch highlights local support services available

March 19 - Mayor Finch encourages consumers to support local businesses

March 18 - Statement from Mayor Finch regarding continuance of core services

March 17 - Statement from Mayor Finch, March 17 2020

March 16 - Statement from Mayor Finch regarding COVID-19

March 13 - South Huron responds to COVID-19

Help Do Local Good

The Municipality of South Huron has partnered with the United Way Perth-Huron on a “caremongering” initiative to connect those most affected by COVID-19 with those willing to lend a hand. 

A new website has been launched at to join people together, providing information on how to help and how to receive help, including: 

An associated Facebook group called Huron-Perth Covid 19 Resource Group - Help is Close to Home has also been created to connect people close by. Additional ways to get involved are to contact or call 519-271-7730 to leave a phone number and briefly describe how and where you can help.

Help Do Local Good


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