Police Services Board


The Police Services Board consists of three members, one member appointed by Council, one member appointed by the Province and one member of Council. The members are listed in our Appointment By-Law.

The 2023 Police Services Board members are:

  • Chair/Member of Council - Deputy Mayor Jim Dietrich
  • Vice Chair/Member appointed by Province - Dave Frayne
  • Member appointed by Council - Laura Goulding
  • Recording Secretary - Jo-Anne Fields


The Board is established pursuant to Section 10 of The Police Services Act, as amended.  The Board shall;

(a) participate in the selection of the detachment commander of the detachment assigned to the municipality or municipalities;

(b) generally determine objectives and priorities for police services, after consultation with the detachment commander or his or her designate;

(c) establish, after consultation with the detachment commander or his or her designate, any local policies with respect to police services (but the board shall not establish provincial policies of the Ontario Provincial Police with respect to police services);

(d) monitor the performance of the detachment commander;

(e) receive regular reports from the detachment commander or his or her designate on disclosures and decisions made under section 49 (secondary activities);

(f) review the detachment commander’s administration of the complaints system under Part V and receive regular reports from the detachment commander or his or her designate on his or her administration of the complaints system.

For meeting dates please view the Municipality of South Huron Events Calendar. For information regarding the conduct of meetings please view the PSB Procedural By-Law

Community Safety and Well-Being

Under the Police Services Act (effective January 01, 2019) there are new legislative requirements related to mandating community safety and well-being planning. As part of the legislation, municipalities are required to develop and adopt a Community Safety and Well-Being Plan. For more information please visit our Community Safety and Well-Being page. 

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