Proposed Development Projects


This page provides detailed information regarding proposed development projects (Plan of Subdivision) in South Huron.

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Map of Proposed Development Projects

List of Proposed Development Projects

Huron Green Inc. (Huron Park)

Proposed Development Details for Huron Green Inc. (Huron Park) 


Lot 6, Concession 2, Stephen Ward

Known municipally as 'Huron Park'


Huron Green Inc. 


Ruth Victor & Associates

Application Details

The proposed development is seeking the following approvals:

  • Plan of Subdivision; and

  • Zoning By-law Amendment.

Application Status

Complete Application Received

File Number(s)

Plan of Subdivision 40T20001 & Zoning By-law Amendment Z11/2019

Municipal Planner on File

Denise Van Amersfoort, County of Huron

Project Description

This proposal is for a Plan of Subdivision and a Zoning-Bylaw Amendment for a residential subdivision located in Huron Park.

The purpose of the application is to subdivide the residential lands in Huron Park into 374 Lots in addition to 11 Blocks. The lots will contain the 202 existing single detached dwellings, 158 existing semi-detached units (such that each unit will be on a separate lot), and create 4 vacant single detached lots, and 10 vacant semi-detached units.

The Blocks will contain public parkland, accesses to the parkland, and trails. The former rail bed which is located along the southern boundary of the subject lands is proposed to be transferred to the Municipality of South Huron for the purpose of a future trail. The developer also owns the section of the former spur which runs between the subject property and the active rail line to the east; these lands are also proposed to be transferred to the Municipality.

This Plan of Subdivision also creates a new road in the location of the access which is currently referred to as ‘Access Road’ but is not a municipal road.The corresponding Zoning By-law amendment introduces a zoning framework to recognize the new lot pattern and proposes rezone the former school block from Community Facility (CF) to Future Development (FD). 


Location Map

Location Map for Huron Green Inc.


Subject Property Map