Snow Mobile Guidelines


As snow continues to fall this winter, the municipality would like to remind the public about the guidelines for snowmobile usage within South Huron.  Snowmobiles must be operated with due care and attention, and in consideration for other persons and property. 

As per the South Huron’s Operation of Motorized Snow Vehicles By-Law 66-2009,the following rules and regulations of the Highway Traffic Act apply in the wards of 1 and 3: 

  • where it is part of a trail; 

  • from the operator's residence to a trail and to return to the trail to his or her residence; 

  • for the purpose of accessing services for the operation of the motor vehicle in an urban area by using the most direct route; 

  • areas designated by the Pineridge Snowmobile Club; 

No person shall operate a motorized snow vehicle on: 

  • on any sidewalk or boulevard in any urban area of the Municipality. 

  • in any park in the Municipality, except on an approved trail that passes through such park.  

  • on any private property in contravention to provisions of the Trespass to Property Act except where an approved trail passes through such property and the landowner has entered into an agreement with a local unit of the O.F.S.C.  

  • within a block of a Hospital, Nursing Home or church except for the purpose of traveling from the driver's residence to a trail and to return from such trail to his or her residence.  

  • in any area of the Municipality, other than on an approved trail, from 11 :00 p.m. on any day until 7 a.m. of the following day with the exception that drivers may return to their own residences by the most direct route during that time. 

  • No racing of motorized snow vehicles be permitted upon the streets of the Municipality of South Huron. 

Complete trail routes are available on the District 9 OSFC website. 

For more information or a copy of the Motorized Snow Vehicles By-Law please contact the Clerks Department by phone 519-235-0310 extension 0.


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