2023 Water and Wastewater, Garbage and Recycling Services Rate Increase


2023 Water and Wastewater Services Rate Increase

South Huron water rates have increased effective January 1, 2023. This rate increase is part of the three-year rate increases approved by Council on September 7, 2021 under By-law # 66-2021.

Water Consumptive Charge increases from

$1.82/m3 to $1.84/m3

The water base charge and wastewater base charge have increased. The wastewater consumptive charge and debt re-payment charge remain unchanged. These charges are based on service size, please refer to By-law #66-2021 that indicates the increases.

If you have any questions, please contact the Financial Services Department at 519-235-0310 Ext. 233 or go to the municipal website at South Huron - Water and Wastewater   

2023 Garbage and Recycling Increases

On December 19, 2022 Council gave third and final reading to By-Law #86-2022 to amend Fees and Charges Schedule “C” to By-Law #34-2015. The charges set out in this by-law take effect January 1, 2023. A full breakdown of the charges can be found on the municipal website South Huron - Garbage and Recycling


Recycling Bins (65 gallon and 95 gallon)

$47.68 per year

Garbage Bins, Small (35 gallon)

$101.08 per year per bin

Garbage Bins, Medium (65 gallon)

$126.50 per year per bin

Garbage Bins, Large (95 gallon)

$164.35 per year per bin