Community Hub / Recreation Centre Project Update


The Municipality of South Huron is considering the development of a new community hub / recreation centre. No decisions have been made regarding a new facility. However, South Huron Council has tasked a Project Steering Committee to collect information and define what a new facility could look like.

As part of the Committee’s research process, the Municipality engaged LeisurePlan International Inc. to undertake a scientific study to determine the demand for programs, activities and services that may be provided at a new facility. The final report from LeisurePlan International has been received by the Committee and is available for public viewing as part of the October 9th meeting agenda on the Hub / Rec Centre Project Steering Committee page at

The Project Steering Committee is continuing its mission to collect information and explore the feasibility of a new community hub / recreation centre. The next steps in the Committee’s work plan are to:

  • Finish conducting a series of focus group workshops to collect opinions from specific user groups and community organizations about recreation, fitness, health and aquatic programs and activities; and
  • Engage a consultant through an RFP process to conduct a Fund Raising Feasibility Study to determine how much money could be raised in donations and sponsorships to support the project.

The information being collected by the Project Steering Committee will be presented to South Huron Council when any decisions are required to proceed with the project. For more information, please contact the Municipality of South Huron at 519.235.0310 x 231 or