Council Greenlights SHRC Project


At their June 7 meeting, Council approved a renovation and retrofit of the South Huron Recreation Centre (SHRC) that will help promote and sustain multi-generational programs and services at the facility. 

The approved order of magnitude of the project calls for new dressing rooms, lobby renovations, kitchen upgrades, arena improvements, a new gymnasium with elevated walking track, and a new 4,000 square foot community multi-purpose room.

“South Huron Council is investing in our community now and for the future,” said Mayor George Finch. “This project will provide more recreation opportunities for residents, equitable access for all and will offer lasting benefits for generations to come.” 

“The issue of how to meet the recreational needs of the community has been discussed for over decade and this Council has stepped up and made a decision to move forward,” added Finch. 

Earlier this year Council struck a Design and Construction Task Force and assigned it to return with options and estimated costings for a prescribed conceptual renovation program. The Task Force’s findings were received and reviewed by Committee of the Whole on May 25th, 2021, and a recommendation was made to South Huron Council to proceed with the option to “build up” the South Huron Recreation Centre. The Design and Construction Task Force final report as well as the Committee of the Whole meeting minutes are available online at The community will be kept informed with regular updates as the project moves forward.