Municipality looking to expand South Huron Entertainment District



South Huron is seeking to become host to a gaming facility near Grand Bend

At their January 21st meeting, South Huron Council unanimously authorized staff to proceed with preliminary discussions between governing bodies and gaming industry representatives to assess the feasibility of hosting a casino gaming facility within the former Stephen Township.

“South Huron is an established destination that attracts tens of thousands of visitors each year,” said Mayor George Finch. “We will continue to work closely with neighbouring municipalities and partners to explore ideas that grow the regional tourism economy.”

A casino-style gaming facility within South Huron could include, but is not limited to, a wide variety of entertainment options such as sport games, charitable gaming, electronic gaming devices and live table games; live entertainment, restaurants and hotel.

South Huron is home to several outstanding tourism assets, including many close to Grand Bend such as the Dark Horse Estate Winery, Drayton Entertainment’s Huron County Playhouse, Grand Bend Speedway and Oakwood Inn Resort, to name a few. Located along the shores of Lake Huron, with its crystal clear waters and pristine sand beaches, South Huron is part of Ontario’s West Coast!