Notice of Adoption - OPA 19- Tridon Properties


The Corporation of the Municipality of South Huron

Notice of Adoption

of an Official Plan Amendment

Re:     Official Plan Amendment Application File #SHu OPA19

Location: Part Lots 2-4, Lake Road East Concession, Stephen Ward, Municipality of South Huron.

Applicant: Baker Planning Group (c/o Caroline Baker)

Owner: Tridon Properties Ltd.


Take Notice that Council of the Municipality of South Huron adopted Official Plan Amendment 19(By-law #71-2021) on the 4th day of October, 2021 under Section 17 of the Planning Act.  This amendment now requires the approval of the County of Huron

Purpose & Effect:

Official Plan Amendment No. 19 to the South Huron Official Plan and its associated Zoning By-law Amendment Application Z15-2020 to the South Huron Zoning By-law 69-2018 affect the lands legally described as Part of Lots 2, 3 & 4, LRE Concession in the Municipality of South Huron, municipally known as 70786 Bluewater Highway.

The applicant proposes to redevelop the property for residential purposes with a combination of single detached dwellings, multiple attached dwellings and stacked townhouses.

The subject lands are currently designated Recreational and Natural Environment in the South Huron Official Plan. The purpose of the application is to:

1)    bring this property into the Port Blake Planning Area Settlement Area;

2)    re-designate the land intended to accommodate residential uses as “Low Density Residential” and “Medium Density Residential” with site-specific policies;

3)    specify that the Regional Market Area for the Port Blake Planning Area to be Huron County and Grand Bend; and,

4)    refine the boundaries of the “Natural Environment” designation and “Floodplain” overlap to reflect the findings of the site-specific technical studies.

And take notice that any person or public body is entitled to receive notice of the proposed decision of the County of Huron, if they submit a written request for notification to the County of Huron Planning Department.  The adopted Official Plan Amendment will now be submitted for approval to the County of Huron Planning and Development Department, Court House Square, Goderich, Ontario, N7A 1M2.

Additional Information

The complete by-law is available for inspection at the municipal office between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. (Monday to Friday). Any questions relating to the by-law shall be directed to the Planning Coordinator, Vanessa Culbert, ext. 252. Information may also be posted on our website (