Notice of Public Meeting - OPAZ-1-2022 Hayter's Turkey- 37377 Dashwood Rd


Public Meeting Notice 

Your comments are welcome on Zoning By-Law  and Official Plan Amendment OPAZ-1-2022

Date of the Public Meeting: October 3rd, 2022 at 5pm 

Address: 37377 Dashwood Road

Purpose and Effect: 

The application adds a special policy to the Official Plan’s Agriculture designation for this property to permit up to five (5) permanent dwelling units for farm employees in addition to a single detached dwelling for the farm owner/operator.

Similarly, the application also rezones approximately 1 hectare (2.5 acres) of the farm, including the residence at 37337 Dashwood Road, from AG1 (General Agriculture) to AG1-26 (General Agriculture – Special Zone) to permit up to five (5) permanent dwelling units for farm employees. The property owner is proposing to build two buildings to the rear of the existing house with each new building having two dwelling units.

The Zoning By-law Amendment will not come into force until the Official Plan amendment by-law is approved by the County of Huron which occurs after its adoption by the Municipality of South Huron, in accordance with Section 43(21) of the Planning Act.

This application was deemed complete on August 25, 2022.

Owner: Hayter's Turkey Farms Ltd

Applicant: Baker Planning Group C/O Caroline Baker


Planner on this File:                                          Municipal Contact:

Craig Metzger, Senior Planner                         Vanessa Culbert, Planning Coordinator                    

1-888-524-8394 ext. 3235                                519-235-0310 ext. 252