Notice of Public Meeting - Z05-2022


Public Meeting Notice 

Your comments are welcome on Zoning By-Law Amendment Z05-2022

Date of Public Meeting: August 22nd 2022, at 6:00pm

The lands to be rezoned are currently zoned D (Future Development) and are proposed to be rezoned to M1-12-H, a special M1 (Light Industrial) zone with a holding symbol, to permit the outdoor storage of precast manufactured products on the property now with the potential in the future once the holding symbol is removed for a proposed precast manufacturing facility or a reduced number of M1 uses.

A minimum 20 metres wide landscaped buffer is required adjacent to the north and west property lines. This buffer is to contain a minimum 3 metres high berm and/or sound wall.

The -H symbol may be removed once an acceptable study addressing off-site impacts of the proposed use, such as noise and dust, has been prepared. The outdoor storage of manufactured products and related accessory uses are permitted while the zone has the -H symbol.

Owner/Applicant: 588922 ONTARIO INC C/O Pete Vanderweerd

Location: LOT ON PRINCE ALBERT ST (PLAN 202 PT LOT 17 PLAN 204;PT LOTS 222 TO 225 RP;22R3363 PART 1)


Planner on this File:                                          Municipal Contact:

Craig Metzger, Senior Planner                         Vanessa Culbert, Planning Coordinator                    

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