Notice of Public Meeting - Z06-2022 - 352 William Street


Public Meeting Notice 

Your comments are welcome on Zoning By-Law Amendment Z06-2022

Date of Public Meeting: September 6th, 2022 at 5:00pm 

The amendment proposes to change the zoning of the subject lands from C4 (Core Commercial) to R1-1 (Residential Low Density – Special Zone). The amendment will allow the existing residential building containing one dwelling unit to be renovated to provide two dwelling units as a converted dwelling. The amendment changes the zoning of the property from commercial to the same residential zoning (R1-1) found on the neighbouring residential properties along the east side of William Street.

Owner/Applicant: Mark Heimrich/Julie Knoblauch

Location: 352 WILLIAM ST  (PLAN 376 PT LOTS 182 AND 183;AND RP 22R5765 PARTS 1 AND 3)



Planner on this File:                                          Municipal Contact:

Craig Metzger, Senior Planner                         Vanessa Culbert, Planning Coordinator                    

1-888-524-8394 ext. 3235                                519-235-0310 ext. 252