South Huron temporarily closes Huron Park Fire Station; Response service levels unaffected


Effective immediately, the Municipality of South Huron is temporarily closing the Huron Park Fire Station due to the presence of hazardous substances found at the facility.

Staff commissioned and have received an inspection report verifying the presence of hazardous substances in the facility. Having reviewed the report in consultation with the author, the facility will need extensive remediation to ensure the overall safety of fire service members working onsite.

The area of the facility where the hazardous substances are present has been closed off to all personnel since identified. However, after an assessment, to remove the hazardous substances safely and for the protection of fire service members, the Huron Park Fire Station will be temporarily closed and all members and equipment will be re-deployed to the Exeter and Dashwood fire stations. All fire and emergency response service levels to Huron Park and surrounding area will remain unaffected during the closure of the station.

Staff will update Council through a report regarding the overall condition of the facility and an action plan to move forward. This act to temporarily close the station is being undertaken with the safety of our fire service members and South Huron community in mind.