Weather delays rural road maintenance


The recent extended period of high precipitation and freeze/thaw temperatures has delayed the grading of several gravel roads in South Huron. A number of problem sections with potholes have been reported to the Municipality. However, staff must wait to deal with priority areas until the weather conditions improve.

To grade effectively, the road either needs to freeze solid or warm up to allow excess moisture to drain away. A gravel road with high moisture levels is too soft to grade effectively as it would create ruts and make driving conditions unsafe.

The Municipality of South Huron thanks the public for sharing pothole observations with us. This information is very useful as staff prepare an action plan to implement as soon as weather conditions allow for grading.

If the pothole situation continues to deteriorate and becomes unsafe, the roadway will be closed and restricted to local traffic, only. The Municipality reminds motor vehicle operators to drive according to the road conditions. We thank you for your patience.