Public Injury or Property Damage Reporting


Making a Claim

If you have incurred damage to your property, had an injury and/or believe the Municipality may be responsible, please follow the process outlined below to send your claim to the Municipality for consideration.  In some situations, you are required to place the Municipality on notice within 10 business days of the incident.  We recommend that you inform the Municipality as soon as possible.

The Municipal Act requires that the Municipality receives notification in writing.  To ensure that your claim meets the notice requirement please forward your claim as soon as possible.

We suggest that in all cases of damage that you also contact your own insurer.  Depending on the situation, you may be eligible for more compensation from your insurer than you can recover from the Municipality. Your insurer can pursue any party they believe to be responsible for the injury and/or damage. Please note that Ontario’s no-fault insurance system indicates that your own insurance company pays your claims related to vehicle damage.

Claims will be investigated without prejudice, based on the facts as they present themselves.  Payment in respect of property damage or bodily injury is contingent upon the Municipality being found legally liable for the damages you have incurred.

Fraudulent claims cost all taxpayers and for this reason, all fraudulent claims will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Claims that involve Contracted Companies

The Municipality frequently enters into contracts with independent companies (contractors) who perform work on the Municipality’s behalf.  The Municipality’s agreements with the contractors contain a strict requirement that they respond directly to claims for any damage or injury to members of the public that they may be held responsible for.

Upon receipt of information that a contractor had control over the incident location at the time of your loss, your claim will be forwarded to the contractor, and you will be advised in writing.  The contractor should acknowledge receipt of your claim and identify a contact person who will be responsible for investigating your claim.

The contractor will conduct an investigation and make a decision regarding your claim.  If the contractor determines that they were responsible for your loss, they will resolve your claim with you directly. If the contractor determines their work met reasonable and appropriate construction standards, they may deny your claim.  In this case, their communication to you will provide the results of their investigation and clearly explain their decision.

Claim Reporting Process

You must complete the Public Injury or Property Damage Report form and include all required details.

Once you have submitted the form, it will be automatically sent to the Treasurer's Office. Upon receipt of your claim, the Treasurer’s Office will acknowledge your claim within a one-week period.  An investigation begins immediately upon receipt of your claim and typically a final response will be sent within three weeks.

In cases of extreme storm events such as heavy rain, snowstorms or windstorms, a higher volume of claims received by the Municipality may extend the time it takes to process insurance claims. 


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