e-Billing for Utility Billing


Go paperless! You can now receive your Utility Bill electronically!

Once you subscribe to online billing, you will no longer receive a paper copy of your bill by mail. However, please note that any late notices will still be sent via Canada Post mail.

Register here

Confirm your registration

Once you have registered, you will receive an email from “Municipality of South Huron, ON eCommerce System” to confirm your registration. The email will include your verification code. Please follow the link to confirm your information and complete the account registration process.

To add an account to your profile

  • Log into the web portal;
  • Click on “View & Pay Bills”;
  • Click on “Add an Account” (Please note that multiple accounts can be set up under one Profile);
  • Select "Utility Bill";
  • Your Account number for utility billing is the 8 digit account number that can be found on your utility bill, specifically in the top right corner. You will need to enter this number in the field including the decimal;
  • For Utility Billing, Your PIN is the 5 digit number (12345) that can be found on your utility bill beside your account number. (top right corner);
  • Complete the Terms & Conditions, including your Phone Number.

If you have not received a Utility bill for your account yet, please contact us at 519-235-0310 extension 233 or by email at utility@southhuron.ca to get your Account number and PIN.

Validation of your account

After you finish the registration process, you will receive an email from Municipality of South Huron eCommerce System. This will typically be 1-2 days after registration. Once you have registered, all future bills will be available for your viewing.

Pre-authorized payment plans

Please note that if you are enrolled in a Pre-Authorized Payment plan for your account, your bill will indicate "Drafted on" followed by the date of bank withdraw. For customers enrolled in our monthly plan, the amount of your monthly withdrawal will show in the "Total Amount Due" field.


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