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We recognize the importance of seniors and the value they contribute to our community. Guided by an Age-Friendly Community Plan, South Huron works with partners to undertake projects and deliver programs that enable older people to enjoy good health and continue to participate fully in our communities.

NEW for 2020!  Senior's Social Program

Social isolation among seniors is a persistent problem in communities across Ontario. Locally, many organizations are working to address this issue and the Municipality of South Huron is aiming to boost these efforts through community partnerships.

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Assisted by a small provincial grant, South Huron is piloting a new initiative in the winter of 2020 to improve information sharing and social inclusion among rural seniors. We’re calling this the Senior’s Social Program and we want to work with like-minded organizations to develop the program agenda.

What is the Senior's Social Program?

The format is a weekly two-hour session from January to March involving:

  1. Guest speakers profiling a social service or topical issue
  2. Game play and social time together
  3. Story-telling and sharing of traditional rural knowledge
  4. Input and priority setting for the municipality's Age-Friendly Community Plan

When is it?

Wednesday mornings from January 8th to March 25th, 2020.

10:30AM – 12:30PM at the Exeter Public Library

Light refreshments will be provided.

Transportation supports available

The Municipality has a limited amount of funding to provide transportation for seniors with mobility issues. We are asking those individuals who would be interested in attending these sessions and who need transportation assistance to please contact Laurie Clapp to register (519-235-0310 ext. 231 or and she will coordinate with service providers.

Meeting Information

 January 8, 2020 meeting - PC Jamie Stanley - Huron County OPP

Join us as our presenter, PC Jamie Stanley, Huron County OPP, leads us in discussion about trending scams, ways to identify a scam and how to keep yourself from scams (online, over-the-phone, mail and door-to-door). We will also discuss how to report if you have become a victim of a scam.

Light refreshments and a social time will follow, courtesy of the Municipality of South Huron, Hansen's Independent and Exeter Tim Hortons.

January 15, 2020 meeting - Jeremy Becker - Fire Chief - South Huron

& Sarah Versteeg - Gateway Center of Excellence in Rural Health - Lonely No More

Join us as we hear from...

Jeremy Becker - Fire Chief for South Huron

Fight fire with fire prevention! Your life and the lives of your loved ones depend on it! We will be discussing tips on fire prevention both inside & outside the home, preventing trips & falls and the importance of having a home escape you have one?


Gateway Center of Excellence in Rural Health - Lonely No More

Lonely No More uses teleconference calls to facilitate elder circles of peer support between socially isolated or rural seniors. Using a telephone system allows seniors with limited mobility and lack of transportation to connect with groups of other seniors, especially during the winter months.

The project empowers community volunteers to become peer advocates for more isolated and at-risk seniors; assists fellow older adults in providing access to appropriate services through system navigation assistance, and initiates one-on-one engagement to explore and confront the factors causing the individual’s isolation. Volunteers  encourage healthy behaviours to help prevent caregiver burnout, and link the participants to resources dedicated to helping seniors in areas of fall prevention and elder abuse identification.


Light refreshments and a social time will follow, courtesy of the Municipality of South Huron, Tim Hortons and Hansen's Independent. 

January 22, 2020 meeting - Chris Hills, Seaforth, Ontario

 Join us as we hear from...

Chris Hills, from Seaforth, Ontario. Chris has ventured to a number of different countries in his travels. We are excited to hear him share a travelogue of his adventures in Cambodia.


Light refreshments and a social time will follow, courtesy of Tim Hortons, Hansen's - Your Independent Grocer and the Municipality of South Huron

January 29, 2020 meeting - Jeanette Sears - Alzheimer Society & Janet Clarke - Fidget Makers

Join us as we hear from...

Jeanette Sears - Alzheimer Society

January is Alzheimer Awareness Month. We want to be sure you have the information about dementia you need. Topics Include: 

10 Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s disease. 
What is the difference between Alzheimer’s disease and dementia?
What is the difference between normal memory changes and dementia?
I am worried about myself or someone I care about. What can I do?


Janet Clarke - Fidget Makers

Connected with the Alzheimer Society of Huron County, Fidget Makers began in March 2014. With six donated sewing machines that are stored at Exeter Library this eager group creates fidget/activity aprons and vests for those suffering from dementia, using donated items such as zippers, lace, pockets and tactile fabrics. Each apron is donated to the long term care homes in Huron/Perth or to individuals in the community who request personalized aprons. By spring 2020 they will have made over 1,000 aprons!


Light refreshments and a social time will follow, courtesy of Tim Hortons, Hansen's - Your Independent Grocer and the Municipality of South Huron

 February 5, 2020 meeting - Laura O'Rourke - Public Health Promoter - Huron Perth Public Health & Jim Dietrich – Deputy Mayor of South Huron

Join us as we hear from...

Laura O'Rourke - Public Health Promoter - Huron Perth Public Health

Laura will be sharing information on how “Your Mouth is the Gateway to Your Body” and how problems in the mouth can affect overall health and wellness. She’ll provide some tips to keep your mouth healthy and care for dentures. She will also be highlighting the new Ontario Seniors Dental Care program which will help eligible low-income seniors access dental care. It provides free, routine dental services to seniors aged 65 years and over who meet the required income conditions and do not have access to any other form of dental benefits. 


Jim Dietrich – Deputy Mayor of South Huron 

Join us to help create South Huron’s Community Safety and Well-Being Plan. 

What does community safety and well-being mean to you? Help develop South Huron’s plan. Learn more and share your input.


Light refreshments and a social time will follow, courtesy of Tim Hortons, Hansen's - Your Independent Grocer and the Municipality of South Huron

Watch here for future meeting details.

Senior's Recreation Programming

For more information on seniors programs, please contact the following activity leads.

ActivitiesActivity LeadPhoneEmail
Senior Games June Hodgson 519-235-2194  
Senior Activities Jim Bearss 519-235-4243
Shuffleboard Bernice Boogemanns 519-235-4524  
One Care Home & Community Support Shelley McPhee-Haist 1-877-502-8277
Pickleball South Huron Community Services 519-235-2833
Carpet Bowling Peter McFalls 519-235-0368 
Lawn Bowling Club Peter McFalls 519-235-0368


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