Zoning By-law


A zoning by-law controls the use and development of all lands, buildings, and structures within the municipality.

The South Huron Zoning By-Law specifically lists permitted uses and required standards such as the location of structures, building types and setbacks, parking requirements and building heights, among other provisions.

A zoning by-law divides the municipality into different land use zones (e.g., commercial or residential) with detailed maps that specify the permitted uses and the required standards (e.g., building size and location) in each zone.

One of the municipality's primary tools for implementing its Official Plan, a zoning by-law contains definitions, general provisions, zones/zoning maps and zone provisions. Zoning by-laws are legally enforceable documents.

To improve the municipality's development process, the Municipality of South Huron and the Huron County Planning Department worked together in 2018 to prepare a consolidated zoning by-law for South Huron. The new zoning by-law consolidated the previous three by-laws for the Town of Exeter, Township of Stephen and Township of Usborne. The Municipality went through the statutory commenting period for this document, which included a public open house and a public meeting. South Huron Council passed the Comprehensive Zoning By-law on August 13th, 2018, which was followed by an appeal process that concluded on November 23rd. The new Comprehensive Zoning By-law for South Huron is now in effect! 

We thank the community for their input on this project to make South Huron an even better place to do business!


In any situation where the printed zoning maps or text document of the Municipality of South Huron differs from electronic versions contained in this website, the official printed publications take precedence. Users of this electronic information should verify it with the printed official information before acting on it. Official versions of all zoning maps and related information can be obtained from the Planning Department.


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