Liquor Licences


Applications for a New Liquor Licence

Individuals applying for a new Liquor Licence have the option of using the on-line form available on the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) website.

While the initial application can be submitted on-line to the AGCO,  applicants are still required to submit a completed municipal form which has been signed by the Municipal Clerk. Please submit the following documents to

  • two (2) partially completed Agency Letters of Approval, (one for building services, one for the fire department)
  • one (1) partially completed Municipal Information Form
  • Advise the proposed liquor licence occupant load
  • Advise the number of washrooms and water closets (toilets, urinals) in each
  • Advise the number of exits from the proposed licenced area
  • Provide a detailed floor plan of the proposed licenced area (use square feet or square metres), exits must be clearly indicated on the floor plan layout, along with the location of the washrooms
  • completed Agency Letter of approval from Huron Perth Public Health (submit when available)

On receipt of the above noted documents, staff will circulate the request to Building Services and the Fire Department for review and completion.  It is the applicants responsibility to connect with Huron Perth Public Health (HPPH) directly to obtain their approval letter. Once you have obtained the approval letter from HPPH, submit that to the Municipality for our file. The Clerk will review the request and approval letters once all approval letters are completed and provided.

Once the Clerk has completed the Municipal Information Form, we will send the applicant an email with the approved documents. It is the applicants responsibility to submit the approved documentation to the AGCO.  

Temporary Extension to Liquor Licence

Recent amendments to the Liquor Licence and Control Act, 2019 which took effect on January 1, 2023 established new framework for temporary outdoor physical extensions (temporary patios). The change in legislation has moved the approval authority of applications for temporary outdoor physical extensions from the AGCO to local municipalities on a permanent basis. Individuals interested in applying for a temporary extension to their liquor licence must submit an application with applicable documents to the Municipality for review. The online application submission form, along with helpful resources is located on the Municipality's Seasonal Patio Program page. 



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