Seasonal Patio Program


 Applications for patios can be submitted through the portal below. The program will run from May 1 until November 15.

This program is for businesses looking to have an outdoor patio on Municipal property, or any licenced businesses looking for a temporary extension of their liquor licence. 

Applying for a seasonal patio or temporary extension to liquor licence

All applicants must complete the application form below and include the following documents:

  • Signed letter of permission from the property owner (if not registered owner)
  • A copy of the current certificate of insurance for the business

  • A copy of the approved AGCO liquor licence (if applicable)

  • A detailed site plan/sketch of the proposed outdoor patio (see our Patio Guide for specific information to be included on the site plan/sketch)
  • Proof of notice to adjacent business neighbors of their proposals with their application submission

  • Any other documentation and supporting materials required to support the outdoor patio application.  

Note: If an outdoor patio is located on public property (ex. sidewalk or road) the applicant must provide a  Certificate of Insurance for a minimum of $5,000,000.00 in liability insurance, listing the municipality as an additional insured and holding the Municipality harmless is required to the satisfaction of the Municipality. 

Applicants must submit a legible sketch/site plan/aerial photo of the proposed outdoor patio as part of a licence application. 

The sketch may be done by the applicant but must be legible and done with a straight edge, using metric dimensions. Should any discrepancies exist applicants may be required to have a qualified designer evaluate and confirm the proposed layout. The legible sketch/site plan/aerial photo of the proposed outdoor patio must include the following:

Proposed location of the outdoor patio and surrounding area (including dimensions and floor area) including:

  • table/seating locations
  • occupancy loads
  • entrance/exit locations from patio
  • location of fencing/ropes which separate the patio area from the pedestrian areas
  • location of any landscaping features (ex. patio sunshade/umbrellas)
  • location of any proposed exterior patio lighting. Exterior lighting should not adversely impact the enjoyment of adjacent properties or create a visual or physical distraction to the travelling public on the sidewalk or roadway
  • any municipal furniture or infrastructure that would be impacted by the patio
  • the building location in relation to the proposed outdoor patio
  • the location of all emergency access routes, and associated fire connections, and fire extinguishers where applicable
  • the location of all pedestrian circulation routes (walkways/sidewalks) and the width of these routes
  • the dimensions of the patios to the lot lines and sidewalks
  • the number and location of any parking spaces and/or loading/delivery spaces to be removed to facilitate the expansion or creation of an outdoor patio. (Note:  Should any accessible parking spaces be temporarily removed, the municipality will be looking for accessible parking spaces to be accommodated elsewhere on the subject property.)
  • height and type of fencing (i.e.: snow, metal, wood) as the proposed extended area must be easily distinguishable from other areas to which the proposed outdoor patio does not apply.
  • elements that make patio visible to traffic, including signage and reflectors
  • location of jersey barriers (or equivalent), if applicable 

Seasonal Patio on Municipal Property and/or a Temporary Extension of a Liquor Licence Application

Please note, if approved, businesses must display their permit once their patio is open to the public.

Note: Restaurant owners must notify the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) before they start selling and serving liquor on their seasonal patio.


Frequently asked questions

What is the application process?
  • Fill out the application above and submit required documents.
  • Municipal staff will be in touch to discuss your application and inquire about any missing information.
  • If your proposed patio includes a structure, you may need a building permit.
  • Applications will be processed within 30 days.
Are there guidelines I need to follow for my seasonal patio?
A full list of conditions is outlined in the Patio Guide
Will I have to apply again next year if I received approval this year?
An outdoor patio permit must be obtained annually, regardless of whether they were previously approved by the Municipality. 
How long can the temporary Patio be installed?
All approved outdoor patios, including patio furniture, are permitted for use on May 1st and shall be removed on or before November 15th of each year unless otherwise permitted by the Municipality.
Does this application process apply if I want an outdoor patio on my private property?

This application process is for businesses looking to have a temporary patio installed on Municipal property (sidewalk/street), or for any licenced establishment (business with an approved AGCO liquor licence) looking to have a temporary extension of their liquor licence (ex. sell liquor on an outdoor patio).  

For those that do not fall under this application, to proceed with an outdoor patio, confirm a patio is permitted within the Municipal Zoning By-Law, Building Code Act, 1992 and complies with the Fire Protection and Prevention Act, 1997. For more information contact the building department,


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