Active Planning Files


Active Planning Files

Active Planning Files listed below are recently received applications which have been deemed complete and moving onto the next step. 

For information on planning files after completion of the applicable appeal period, please contact the Planning department.


Lot on Prince Albert Street

File Number: Z05-2022

Address:  Lot on Prince Albert Street 

Owner/Applicant: 588922 ONTARIO INC C/O Pete Vanderweerd

Purpose and Effect: The lands to be rezoned are currently zoned D (Future Development) and are proposed to be rezoned to M1-12-H, a special M1 (Light Industrial) zone with a holding symbol, to permit the outdoor storage of precast manufactured products on the property now with the potential in the future once the holding symbol is removed for a proposed precast manufacturing facility or a reduced number of M1 uses. A minimum 20 metres wide landscaped buffer is required adjacent to the north and west property lines. This buffer is to contain a minimum 3 metres high berm and/or sound wall. The -H symbol may be removed once an acceptable study addressing off-site impacts of the proposed use, such as noise and dust, has been prepared. The outdoor storage of manufactured products and related accessory uses are permitted while the zone has the -H symbol.

Meeting Date: August 22nd, 2022

Status: Appealed.  Information will be posted on the OLT Website 



Official Plan/Rezoning

70786 Bluewater Highway 

File Number: OPA19/ Z15-2020

Address: 70786 Bluewater Highway

Owner: Tridon Properties

Applicant: Baker Planning Group

Purpose and Effect: The proposal is to redevelop the former Oakwood Inn Golf Course, east of Highway 21, for the purposes of a residential development, providing for a range and mix of residential uses and densities. The residential development is proposed to accommodate between 275 and 395 dwelling units in two (2) phases, with the phasing line located along the existing drain (Walker Drain). A proposed plan of subdivision has been submitted for the 188 residential dwelling first phase located north of the drain. Two (2) accesses are proposed from Highway 21, with one (1) access serving each phase.

Official Plan Amendment No. 19 to the South Huron Official Plan and its associated Zoning By-law Amendment Application Z15-2020 to the South Huron Zoning By-law 69-2018 affect the lands legally described as Part of Lots 2, 3 & 4, LRE Concession in the Municipality of South Huron, municipally known as 70786 Bluewater Highway.

The applicant proposes to redevelop the property for residential purposes with a combination of single detached dwellings, multiple attached dwellings and stacked townhouses.

The subject lands are currently designated Recreational and Natural Environment in the South Huron Official Plan. The purpose of the application is to:

1)    bring this property into the Port Blake Planning Area Settlement Area;

2)    re-designate the land intended to accommodate residential uses as “Low Density Residential” and “Medium Density Residential” with site-specific policies;

3)    specify that the Regional Market Area for the Port Blake Planning Area to be Huron County and Grand Bend; and,

4)    refine the boundaries of the “Natural Environment” designation and “Floodplain” overlap to reflect the findings of the site-specific technical studies.

Meeting Date: A public meeting for the proposed official plan amendment, zoning bylaw amendment and draft plan of subdivision was  held electronically on Monday, February 8, 2021 at 6:00 p.m. 

Status: Appealed


More information on this file can be found on the proposed developments page

 70799 & 70791 London Road 

File Number: OPAZ-2-2022

Owner: 2381423 ONTARIO INC C/O Manorwood Homes Inc.

Applicant: Baker Planning Group C/O Caroline Baker

Purpose and Effect: 

The application adds a special policy to the Official Plan’s Historic Core District designation for this property to permit a standalone residential-only apartment building with a maximum height of 5 storeys.

Similarly, the application also rezones the property to facilitate the proposed five storey apartment building by changing the current zoning from C3 (Highway Commercial) and R1-7 (Residential Low Density- Special Zone) to R3-17 (Residential High Density – Special Zone). The special zone provisions for the R3-17 zone address front and exterior yard setbacks, landscaped open space, building height, outdoor and balcony amenity space for the units, and parking spaces.

The Zoning By-law Amendment will not come into force until the Official Plan amendment by-law is approved by the County of Huron which occurs after its adoption by the Municipality of South Huron, in accordance with Section 43(21) of the Planning Act.

The application was deemed complete on August 25, 2022.

Meeting date: October 3rd, 2022 at 5pm 




Minor Variance 

451, 459, 467 , 471 Main Street, Exeter

File Number: MV01-2022

Address: 451, 459, 467 , 471 Main Street, Exeter

Owner: 2842880 ONTARIO INC

Applicant: Baker Planning Group C/O Caroline Baker 

Purpose and Effect: The application proposes to vary some of the zoning requirements for this property to facilitate a proposed 2 storey medical-related building containing professional medical offices, a family health team, pharmacy, and other professional offices. The application proposes to vary the following Sections of the South Huron Zoning By-law:

  1. Section 26.3 to:
    1. Increase the maximum zone coverage from 40% to 70%;
    2. Reduce the minimum landscaped open space from 10% to 5%;
    3. Replace the front yard setback requirements of 1 metre minimum and 4 metres maximum with a 0.5 metre minimum requirement;
    4. Reduce the minimum rear yard setback from 4 metres to 0.5 metres;
    5. Reduce the minimum exterior side yard setback from 6 metres to 0 metres; and
    6. Reduce the minimum interior side yard setback from 4 metres to 0.5 metres.
  2. Section 3.25 to reduce the minimum setback from the west property line for the outdoor storage of garbage to 0.5 metres from 2 metres.
  3. Section 3.26. 12 to reduce the minimum setback of a parking area from the west property line from 1 metre to 0.4 metres.

Meeting date: 

Status: Deferred




For specifics relating to the status of active files, please contact the Planning department 519-235-0310.


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