Active Planning Files


Active Planning Files

Active Planning Files listed below are recently received applications which have been deemed complete and moving onto the next step. 

For information on planning files after completion of the applicable appeal period, please contact the Planning department.


70786 Bluewater Highway

File Number: Z01-2024

Address: 70786 Bluewater Highway

Applicant: Baker Planning Group C/O Caroline Baker

Owner: Tridon Properties Ltd

Purpose and Effect: 

The applicant is seeking approval of a temporary use on a portion of the subject property presently zoned Recreational Commercial (RC3), Recreational Commercial Special Zone (RC3-1) and Natural Environment (NE2) in accordance with Section 39 of the Planning Act. The temporary use is proposed to permit limited agricultural uses for a period of no longer than three (3) years in accordance with the following provisions

 In addition to the permitted uses within the RC3 zone, the following use shall be permitted for a period of not more than three (3) years, effective from the date of the passing of this by-law:

A cropping agricultural use that does not include:

  • The use of buildings and/or structures,
  • The use of land for livestock purposes,
  • The storage of manure on-site, or
  • The application of manure.

Notwithstanding the restrictions above, the application of herbicides and pesticides shall be permitted in accordance with normal farm practices


Meeting Date: March 4th at 5pm 


Status: In Effect





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Official Plan/Rezoning

 70799 & 70791 London Road 

File Number: OPAZ-2-2022

Owner: 2381423 ONTARIO INC C/O Manorwood Homes Inc.

Applicant: Baker Planning Group C/O Caroline Baker

Purpose and Effect: 

The application adds a special policy to the Official Plan’s Historic Core District designation for this property to permit a standalone residential-only apartment building with a maximum height of 5 storeys.

Similarly, the application also rezones the property to facilitate the proposed five storey apartment building by changing the current zoning from C3 (Highway Commercial) and R1-7 (Residential Low Density- Special Zone) to R3-17 (Residential High Density – Special Zone). The special zone provisions for the R3-17 zone address front and exterior yard setbacks, landscaped open space, building height, outdoor and balcony amenity space for the units, and parking spaces.

The Zoning By-law Amendment will not come into force until the Official Plan amendment by-law is approved by the County of Huron which occurs after its adoption by the Municipality of South Huron, in accordance with Section 43(21) of the Planning Act.

The application was deemed complete on August 25, 2022.

Meeting date: October 3rd, 2022 at 5pm 




Minor Variance 

6 Sherwood Crescent 

File Number:  MV01-2024

Address: 6 Sherwood Crescent 

Owner: Bill and Linda Armstrong

Applicant: Matt Runge 

Purpose and Effect: 

The application proposes to:

  • Reduce the interior side yard setback for the main building (dwelling) from 1.5 metres to 0.61 metres to accommodate a proposed attached garage addition;
  • Increase the encroachment of the eaves and gutters on the east side of the proposed attached garage addition to the east lot line from 0.75 metres to 0.07 metres; and
  • Reduce the interior side yard setback for accessory structures from 1.5 metres to 0.46 metres to recognize four existing sheds.

Meeting Date: March 18th at 5pm

Status: In effect






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71155A Bluewater Highway

File Number: MV02-2024

Address: 71155A Bluewater Highway

Owner: London City in Trust C/O Lake Huron & Elgin Area Water Supply

Applicant: Stantec Architecture Limited

Purpose and Effect: The application proposes to reduce the required exterior side yard setback from 7.5 metres to 1.2 metres. This will allow for the construction of administrative offices in replacement of an existing garage. For additional context, the exterior side yard is considered to be the north portion of the subject property adjacent to Waterworks Road

Meeting Date: March 18th at 5pm

Status: In effect





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 Plan 376 Part Lot 289 as 22R1956 Part 2
File Number: MV03-2024

Address: Plan 376 Part Lot 289 as 22R1956 Part 2

Owner/Applicant: Robert Oud

Purpose and Effect: The application proposes to permit an accessory building in the absence of a residence, as well as to increase the permitted lot coverage of the accessory building from 10% to 11% of the total lot area. If approved, this will allow for a garage to be constructed on the subject property to replace two smaller sheds.

Meeting Date: April 15th, 2024






183 Wellington Street West

File Number: MV04-2024

Address: 183 Wellington Street West

Owner: 2672447 ONTARIO INC C/O Al Vanderlaan

Applicant: Matt Runge

Purpose and Effect: The application proposes to increase the maximum floor area permitted for industrial buildings/structures in the M1-4 zone from 250 square metres to 333 square metres to allow for an office addition to be constructed on the south side of the existing workshop

Meeting Date: April 15th at 5pm






40910 Kirkton Road

File Number: C08-2024 

Address: 40910 Kirkton Road 

Owner: Matthew Prout

Applicant:  Melissa Prout

Purpose and Effect: 

The purpose and effect of this application is for an addition to a lot. The proposed land to be severed is approximately 0.35 acres (0.14 ha) consisting of a shop. The proposed land to be retained is approximately 48.39 acres (19.58 ha) consisting of a chicken broiler barn. It is proposed that the land being severed will be added to the abutting and to the west owned by Scott Currie and Melissa Prout: Pt Lot 11, Concession 5, 70410 McTaggart Line.



 70766 Blackbush Line

File Number: C16-2024

Address: 70766 Blackbush Line

Owner: Harry’s Legacy Ltd. (Adam Hayter)

Applicant: Matt Runge

Purpose and Effect: The purpose and effect of this application is for the creation of a new lot under the

surplus farm policies. The proposed land to be severed is approximately 0.94 ha (2.32 acres) consisting of a house and two storage sheds. The proposed vacant farmland to be retained is approximately 51.05 ha (126.15 acres).

For specifics relating to the status of active files, please contact the Planning department 519-235-0310.


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