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Zoning Compliance Report and Tax Certificate 

If you are buying, selling or mortgaging a property, you could require a Zoning Compliance Report and a Tax Certificate from the Municipality.  If you are requesting both, please submit separate requests below. 

Zoning Compliance Report

Fee         $75.00/ Roll Number (5 business days from payment for written response) ** Fee increases to $125 as of August 1st** 

This report will include the following information:

  • Zoning By-law Designation
  • Official Plan Designation
  • Commentary with respect to compliance with Zone Regulations if a recent, up-to-date, Real Property Report (i.e. OLS Survey) is submitted.
  • Information on Outstanding Building Permits
  • Information on Outstanding By-law Enforcement Orders
  • Information concerning compliance status of agreements, if any (development/subdivision agreement)

Submit your request 

Please contact the Planning Coordinator for more information.   

Tax Certificate

Tax Certificates can be ordered for a fee of $55.00 and can be requested by contacting the Tax Collector directly . Please submit a copy of the cheque with your request. 

Find Property Information

Use the GIS to find information about any property in South Huron or Huron County. Search by address, roll number or legal description to find:

  • Property legal description and lot area
  • Ward Boundaries
  • Zoning designation
  • Official Plan designation 
  • Regulated lands by the Conservation Authority
  • Aerial imagery was updated in 2020 

GIS Mapping 

Survey Request 

Under the Freedom of Information Act, property surveys, building permit plans, or other records, can be released when conducting a formal FOI request through the Clerk.

Within 5 business days, we will notify you of our findings

You can only request documents, if you are the property owner or have written authorization from the property owner (proof required).

If a survey is not found, please visit Ontario Land Surveyors Association to find a surveyor. 

Request a survey search 

Building Records 

If you are the property owner, you can contact Building Services to search for open building permits. However, if you are not the property owner or do not have written authorization from the property owner, you must request a Zoning Compliance Letter. 




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