Wastewater Treatment and Collection System


About wastewater

The Environmental Services Department is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the Exeter Wastewater Treatment Facility (WWTF); associated sanitary pumping stations; forcemains and the wastewater collection systems in Crediton, Centralia, Huron Park and Exeter that convey wastewater to the Exeter WWTF.

The Department is also responsible for the operation and maintenance of the wastewater collection system and associated sanitary pumping stations in the Grand Bend Area that convey sewage to the Grand Bend Area Wastewater Treatment Facility. The Grand Bend Area WWTF is jointly owned by the Municipality of Lambton Shores and South Huron and are operated by Jacobs (OMI).

The Department is responsible for the enforcement of the Municipality's Sewer Use By-Laws.

Wastewater collection system (sanitary sewers)

South Huron's wastewater collection system is designed to collect and direct wastewater to a wastewater treatment facility. Wastewater is treated in order to make it acceptable to be introduced back into the environment. To protect the health of our residents and the safety of the environment, we use modern technology at our sewage treatment facilities. The following components are part of the system to convey and treat wastewater generated by residents and businesses in South Huron:

  • 62 kilometres of sanitary gravity sewer
  • 10 kilometres of forcemain
  • 500 sanitary access manholes
  • 6 sanitary pumping stations
  • 2 sewage treatment facilities

Sanitary sewers carry wastewater from homes, commercial buildings and industrial sources to one of two wastewater treatment facilities. After treatment the water is returned to the Ausable River. During heavy rainfalls, older sanitary sewers, especially in Exeter, can become overloaded and may overflow into the Ausable River. To address this environmental and financial issue, South Huron has begun a program that aims to reduce the inflow and infiltration of storm water in our older sanitary sewers.

Wastewater discharged into sewers is regulated by South Huron's Sewage use by-laws for Exeter, Huron Park, Crediton and Centralia. Wastewater rates and charges are regulated by the Water and Wastewater Rates and Charges By-law. You can obtain an official copy of these by-laws by contacting the South Huron's Corporate Services/Clerks Department at 519-235-0310.

Health Sewers for South Huron 

‘Healthy Sewers for South Huron’ – an opportunity for the community to learn and ask questions about our wastewater system.

South Huron’s wastewater system plays an important role in our community –  a well-functioning system depends on the activities of those who are connected, beginning at the source of what gets flush or put down the drain.

We are committed to keeping our system as robust as possible to avoid costly repairs for homeowners and taxpayers and overall disruptions to the community. This is why we have created an information campaign titled ‘Healthy Sewers for South Huron’ – an opportunity for the community to learn about our wastewater system.

Wastewater treatment facilities

The Environmental Services Department manages the sewage treatment facility in Exeter, (located in the northwest area of Exeter near the Ausable River) and 6 sanitary pumping stations. The Exeter Wastewater Treatment Facility is a sewage lagoon, with aeration, effluent sand filters, and has a rated capacity of 2,573,718 m3 per year. The Grand Bend Wastewater Treatment Facility is an extended aeration mechanical sewage treatment facility with a rated capacity of 2,473 m3 per day.


In Ontario, it is required by law that property owners and contractors contact the Ontario OneCall Centre (On1Call) before they dig. The direct toll free line is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week: 1-800-400-2255.

Ontario One Call will contact the necessary utility providers, who will locate and mark the lines on your property. This ensures a safe dig for you and your neighbourhood.


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