General Information

South Huron maintains 350 km of roads, 40 km of sidewalks, 38 bridges, 44 culverts and 16 traffic signals. Our experienced staff is on the front line of safety as well as customer service in any given season. This includes summer construction projects and winter salt, sanding and plowing activities.

Seasonal Gravel and Dust Suppressant 

Gravel will be laid down during May and June on selected roads. Following completion of fresh gravel, staff will work with our contractor to lay down dust suppressant on all gravel roads. This process generally occurs over a three week period. Dust suppressant is used to both limit dust and help to compact our gravel roads. Questions related to this can be directed to our Transportation Services Department. Please refer to our website for contact information.  

Roadside Weed Spraying

Roadside weed spraying is a contracted service.

During May and June, selected road through South Huron are sprayed. Residents NOT wishing to have the roadside sprayed in front of their property should contact our Transportation Services Department to notify us. NO SPRAY signs will then be put up on your property until spraying is complete. 

The Municipality of South Huron intends to control noxious weeds along the following municipal roadsides through spot spraying where noxious weeds have been identified.

Line 12 from Hwy 23 (Road 164) to Huron Street

Union Line from Hwy 23 (Road 164) to Thames Road (Co. Rd 83)

Plugtown Line from Foster Road to Thames Road (Co. Rd 83)

Foster Road from Union Line to Plugtown Line

Sunshine Line from Hwy 23 (Road 164) to Line 17

Line 17 from Thames Road (Co. Rd 83) to Alexander Road

Alexander Road from Line 17 to Elimville Line

Woodham Road from Hwy 23 (Road 164) to Sunshine Line

Squires Road from Hwy 23 (Road 164) to Hern Line (Co. Rd 11)

Elimville Line from Whalen Line to Line 17

McTaggart Line from Whalen Line to Rogerville Road

Park Road from Sunshine Line to Whalen Line

Crediton Road from Sunshine Line to Morrison Line

Huron Street from Line 12 to McTaggart Line

McDonald Road from Hern Line (Co. Rd 11) to McTaggart Line

Hurondale Road from Elimville Line to McTaggart Line

Evergreen Line from McTaggart Line to Kirkton Road (Co. Rd 6)

Anyone not wishing to have the roadside adjacent to their property treated for noxious weeds should contact the Transportation Services Department. 

Road Closures

Notices about planned road closures can be found on Municipal 511. Whenever possible, information on emergency road closures is shared via social media and posted on Municipal 511. 

Leaf and Brush Pick Up

Please ensure all bags weigh no more than 23kg (50lbs). Staff will not pickup overweight bags or bags that contain other waste such as garbage or animal feces. All bags must be biodegradable paper bags.
Please Note- Staff will pick-up weekly as weather permits. You may take your leaf and brush to the South Huron Landfill free of charge at any time. Please visit our website for the landfill operating hours. No bags will be picked up after the completion date and you will be responsible to dispose of your own leaf and brush. 

Spring Leaf Pickup- March 29, 2021 to April 19, 2021

Fall Leaf Pickup-   October 4, 2021 to November 19, 2021

Brush Pickup- Wednesday, October 27, 2021 

Brush pickup is a single day pickup that occurs in the Fall only. Brush must be bundled and tied in four foot (4’) lengths or less.  

Municipal Drain Maintenance 

Please fill out a Municipal Drain Maintenance Request Form and submit it to the Legislative Services/Clerks Department. Contact information for the department is found at the bottom of the Municipal Drain Maintenance Request form. If you are completing the form online, it will be sent directly to the department, once submitted.  

Application for Entranceway

All new road access points for residential, agricultural, commercial and industrial require an Entrance Permit.

The process for an Application for Entranceway is as followed:

1- Fill out an Application for Entranceway Form (free of charge).

2- Submit the completed form to email provided on the application.

3- Staff will review the application. Pending the nature of the permit, staff will set up a site meeting with the applicant if necessary.

4- The formal approval of the permit is completed by the Manager of Transportation Services.

Please note entranceways are placed at the cost of the applicant based on the specification provided by the municipality. If the specifications are not met, the municipality may contract the work out to meet the specifications. This work will be completed at the owner's expense. 


If there are any concerns with the streetlights located within the South Huron municipal boundaries, please fill out a Report a Problem form. Please note that the Municipality does not service any privately owned streetlights. 

Tree Program

The Municipality has authority to clear trees within the road allowance. Road allowance is 33 feet from the center of the road, both ways. Should a tree be deemed unsafe or dead, the Municipality will choose to remove the tree. Tree removal is tracked and each year the Municipality replaces the same number of trees that it has removed back into the respective community.

In the event that a tree is removed from in front of your residence, you can advise the Transportation Services Department if you wish to receive a tree to plant on your own property, in place of the one that was removed. Tree orders are completed every January and trees are picked up between April and May. It is the responsibility of the resident to pick up and plant the tree.  

911 Addressing/Street Sign Blades 

If you need to order a 911 addressing blade, please fill out a 911 Blade Request Form and submit to the email provided on the form.

Post Your Numbers
In emergency situations, seconds can make a like-saving difference. If you are a property owner, ensure your 911 addressing blade is posted on your house, business or at the end of your laneway and ensure they are easy to see form the road. A well-marked location is much easier for emergency vehicles to find when there is help needed.
Help Us Help You
Make sure your 911 addressing blades are displayed at your home or business properly. They should be placed on the same side of the road as your laneway, to allow emergency responders to find your correct location. If you do not have a 911 addressing blade on your property, please post one right away.  
More than Just a Mailbox
For emergency call purposes, you need to have more than just your mailbox labeled with your 911 address. Labeled mailboxes just help the Post Office deliver mail. Please ensure that you have your entrances marked as well.
Report Missing Street Signs
Reporting a missing street sign will allow for the emergency responders to ensure their response time is as quick as possible. Even though the responders know exactly where the roads are located, this will help ensure their response time is the best it can be. If you notice a street sign missing or even damaged, please report it to our Transportation Services Department and we will order a replacement blade. 


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