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This year's Provincial Day of Action on Litter was May 9, 2023. Help keep our community clean and litter-free.

South Huron hosted the first annual Clean Sweep Litter Cleanup Challenge from Sunday May 8 to Sunday May 15, 2022. 

Community Impact from the first annual Clean Sweep Litter Cleanup Challenge:

  • 13 teams
  • ~200 participants
  • ~15 total hours collecting
  • ~114 gallons of garbage collected
  • ~71 gallons of recycling collected
Clean Sweep Summary Visual

Since 2020, the Provincial Day of Action on Litter is celebrated on the second Tuesday of May each year in Ontario. The Provincial Day of Action focuses on raising awareness about the impacts of waste on the environment and encourages everyone to take action such as participating in litter cleanups. For more information on the 2022 Day of Action, and tips on how to reduce your waste footprint at home, visit the Act ON Litter website.

Want to give back to your community? You can register for a community cleanup at any time! 

Build your team!

  • Build your team - sign up part of a community organization, business or neighbourhood group, or even as an individual and come up with a unique team name! 
  • Choose your cleanup date, time and location (if you don't have a preference, target cleanup locations are listed below)
  • Register to complete a community cleanup

 Start collecting!

  • Take pictures of the area before you start collecting and once you are finished
  • Be sure to follow the safety tips provided by the province in Ontario's Litter Cleanup Guide
  • Sort your findings! Place garbage in solid coloured bags (typically black) and recycling in the clear bags. Unsure about what is garbage and what goes in the recycling? Use the Bluewater Recycling Association's Material Guide to help you decide! 
  • As you are collecting, be sure to take note (pictures, too!) of the type of litter you are collecting, an estimate of how much you collected and what the most unique find was for your group. 
  • Want to add a little competitive edge? Post pictures of your team cleaning up using the hashtag #SouthHuronCleanSweep and encourage others in the community to join in! 

Drop off your collection!

  • Instructions on where to drop off your collection will be provided once you have registered

Report your impact!

  • Every small action makes a big impact on our entire community - report your team's impact by filling out our Community Impact Form which will include information such as the type of litter you are collected, an estimate of how much you collected and what the most unique find was for your group. 
  • Stay tuned to this page to learn more about the IMPACT this challenge had on the community

Target Cleanup Locations

Community cleanup is always welcomed anywhere in the Municipality - cleanup around your home, business, favourite community space! 

Looking to tackle a target cleanup location within the Municipality? Check out the list of some of the community locations below and access a location map on our Parks and Trails page.  

  •  Centralia Park and Playground (Melbourne Street)
  • Crediton Community Sportsplex (38 Victoria Avenue East)
  •  Community Facility
    • Dashwood Community Centre (158 Centre Street)
  • Community Facility
    • South Huron Recreation Centre (94 Victoria Street East)
  • Main Street (Downtown, Exeter BIA area)
  • Public Parks 
    • Elliott Park (12 Church Street)
    • MacNaughton Park and Scenic Gardens (MacNaughton Drive)
    • Motz Park (Motz/Pryde Boulevard)
    • Victoria Park (Huron Street West between Carling and Market Streets)
  • Sports Fields
    • Community Soccer Field (SHDHS)
    • Rodeo Ring (94 Victoria Street East)
    • Skate Park (94 Victoria Street East)
    • SHRC baseball diamonds (94 Victoria Street East)
    • Timbit Ball Park (McConnell Street)
    • Wagner Field (210 Wellington Street West)
  • Trails
    • MacNaughton-Morrison Trail
Huron Park
  •  Community Facility
    • Stephen Township Arena (69625 Airport Line)


  • Kirkton-Woodham Community Complex (70497 Road 164)


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