2022 Post-Election Reporting and Financial Statements


2022 Municipal Election - Post-Election Accessibility Report

The Municipality of South Huron was committed to making the 2022 Municipal Election accessible by working to accommodate the needs of electors by removing barriers to vote for persons with disabilities. The focus of the Post-Election Accessibility Report is to evaluate the accessibility of the electoral services offered to all electors and candidates in the 2022 Municipal Election.

2022 Post-Election Accessibility Report 

Certified Candidates Financial Statements

Everyone that has filed a nomination paper with the Municipality of South Huron to participate in the Municipal and School Board Elections as a candidate must in turn file their financial statement with the Clerk after each election. These statements detail the income and expenses incurred during the candidate's campaign.

The completed financial statement must be submitted to the clerk by 2 p.m. on the last Friday in March (March 31, 2023).

All financial statements are public documents. The Clerk must retain the statements until the new council takes office after the 2026 scheduled election. These documents may be inspected in person during normal office hours or by clicking on the corresponding links below. 

For information in alternative formats or assistance accessing information, please contact the Municipal Office at 519-235-0310. 

Any person may make extracts from the documents and is entitled to copies of the documents but must only do so knowing that the information obtained shall only be used for election purposes as per the Municipal Elections Act.

Notice of Compliance - Filing of Financial Statements 2022 Municipality of South Huron Municipal School Board Elections 

2022 Candidate Financial Statements
TitleName of CandidateDate FiledLink to Form 4

 Maureen Cole

November 14, 2022  Form 4 

George Finch

November 1, 2022  Form 4 
 Deputy Mayor

Karen Brown

March 20, 2023  Form 4 

Jim Dietrich

December 9, 2022  Form 4 
 Councillor Ward 1

(Norris) Wayne Desjardine

October 27, 2022  Form 4 

Milt Dietrich  

November 18, 2022  Form 4 

Dianne Faubert  

March 28, 2023  Form 4 

Wendy McLeod-Haggitt

February 6, 2023  Form 4 

John Pond

February 28, 2023  Form 4 

Sheila Preszcator

March 24, 2023  Form 4 

Philip Van Raay

February 7, 2023  Form 4 

Marissa Vaughan

February 17, 2023  Form 4 
 Councillor Ward 2

Marc Thomas Denomme

March 29, 2023  Form 4 

Aaron Neeb

December 19, 2022  Form 4 

Barb Willard 

November 2, 2022  Form 4 
 Councillor Ward 3  Ted Oke September 19, 2022  Form 4 

School Board Trustee

English Public 

Robert Hunking  January 27, 2023  Form 4 

School Board Trustee

English Separate

Susan Elizabeth Muller February 2, 2023  Form 4 

Notice of Compliance - Filing of Financial Statements

An elector who is entitled to vote in an election and believes on reasonable grounds that a candidate or a Registered Third Party who is registered in relation to the election in the municipality has contravened a provision of the Act relating to election campaign finances may apply for a compliance audit of the Candidate’s or Registered Third Party’s election campaign finances.  South Huron is part of the Huron County Joint Compliance Audit Committee.

 Compliance Audit Committee By-Law #57-2022

The following members are appointed to the Compliance Audit Committee;

  1. Jacquie Bishop
  2. Nancy Michie
  3. Tom Prout


Should any of the members of the Election Compliance Audit Committee referred to above resign or otherwise be unable to perform their duties, the following individual shall be called upon as alternate without the necessity of taking any further steps to constitute them as members of the Election Compliance Audit Committee;       

a.       Rhonda Fischer


Compliance Audit Committee By-Law #57-2022 


 Compliance Audit Application Form EL66
 Compliance Audit Application Form EL66


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