Election Resources


Election Resources

For more information about municipal elections:

  • Municipal Elections Act, 1996 
  • Education Act, 1990
  • Election Modernization Act, 2016
  • Voters’ guide for Ontario municipal council and school board elections
  • Election Accessibility Plan 2022
  • Candidates’ guide for Ontario municipal council and school board elections
  • Guide for third party advertisers – Ontario municipal council and school board elections
  • South Huron Code of Conduct 
  • Municipal Election Ward Map
  • Use of Municipal Resources During An Election Period Policy
  • 2022 Election Procedures Manual 
  •  South Huron Election Sign By-Law
     General Prohibitions

     All candidate signs shall include:

    •  Candidate's name

     All registered third party advertisement signs shall include:

    •  Name of registered third party
    • The municipality where the registered third party is registered
    • Telephone number, mailing address or email address at which the registered third party may be contacted regarding the advertisement

      No person shall Place or permit to be Placed an Election Sign:

    • That is illuminated
    • That has a Sign Area of more than 1m² (10.76ft²) in area or 2m (6.56ft) in height  
    • That interferes with the safe operation of vehicular traffic or the safety of pedestrians
    • That impedes or obstructs the municipality’s maintenance operations
    • On or in a Voting Place
    • That displays a logo, trademark or official mark, in whole or in part, owned or licensed by the Municipality.
    • On private property, where it obstructs or interferes with a door or fire escape of a building or  without the consent of the owner or occupant of such property
    • On any vehicle displaying a vehicle election sign within a one block radius of the Old Town Hall at 322 Main Street South Exeter, on the voting day of a Municipal election
    • For a municipal election, except an Election Sign which is Placed on a Campaign Office earlier than Nomination Day in the year of a regular election or earlier than Nomination Day for a by-election
    • For a municipal election on a Campaign Office earlier than the day that Candidate has filed their nomination with the Clerk
    • Identifying the candidate’s campaign offices may be displayed on the offices once the candidate has filed his or her nomination papers and paid all required fees and been registered as a candidate

     Election Signs on Public Property and Streets

    • No person shall Place or permit to be Placed an Election Sign within any parks owned by the Municipality.
    • No person shall Place or permit to be Placed an Election Sign in a roadway
    • within 3 metres of a roadway
    • Between a roadway and a sidewalk that impedes or obstructs the passage of pedestrians on a  sidewalk
    • In a Median Strip
    • Less than 3 metres from a Crosswalk
    • On a tree, or a fence, or a wall, or a gate, or a utility pole located on Public Property or a Street.
    • Where an Election Sign has been Placed in contravention of any provision of this by-law, Municipal Law Enforcement Officer or any other individual designated by the Clerk may cause the Election Sign to be removed immediately without notice or compensation and / or take any further action as provided within this by-law
    • Election signs or similar campaign material that will be installed or affixed to Ministry of Transportation road system or the County of Huron road system will require the permission of these respective approving authorities
    • The administration of this by-law is delegated to the Clerk
    • This by-law may be enforced by the Clerk or designate or a Municipal Law Enforcement Officer

      No Owner shall fail to remove their Election Sign after a week immediately following 11:59 p.m. of the day of the election

    The Election Sign By-Law is available from the Clerk upon request. Please note that County roads and Provincial highways are not municipal jurisdiction and therefore are not included in the Election Sign By-Law. Please contact the MTO or the County of Huron for any information pertaining to those roads or highways.  





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