Fire Master Plan - A Path Forward


To continue our proud tradition of assisting residents and effectively responding to emergency situations, South Huron is preparing a Fire Master Plan. A Fire Master Plan is a 10-year, community-driven guide for making operational improvements and enhancing how the service is provided throughout the community.

The Municipality of South Huron hired Emergency Management and Training Inc. to conduct a Fire Master Plan. A public survey collected input from the community to be used in developing recommendations to South Huron Council. Moving forward, with the recommendations and assistance of Emergency Management Training Inc, South Huron is preparing a Work Plan that is sustainable and viable that will: 

·         Validate fire department service levels for the municipality

·         Inform future operating and capital budgets 

·         Inform the Asset Management Plan 

A Committee of Council (comprised of Deputy-Mayor Dietrich, Councillor Oke and Councillor Neeb) has been established to work with the Fire Chief. See the Committee's Terms of Reference received and approved by Council at the December 6th 2021 meeting.

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