Corporate Flag Policy


South Huron Council approved the amended Corporate Flag Policy at the August 14, 2023 Council meeting (Staff Report, Item 9.4). This policy applies to all flags flown on Municipal properties and all requests for flag flying in South Huron, with the exception of Fire Services as administered by the Fire Chief.

All flag lowering and community flag flying requests are approved in accordance with the Corporate Flag Policy.

A copy of the Corporate Flag Policy can be requested by contacting the Clerk's Department at 519-235-0310 or email

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Flag Lowering

(Flag lowering at Olde Town Hall, 322 Main Street East, Exeter)

Community Flag Flying

(Flag flown at Community Flagpole, located at the Downtown Parkette (406 Main Street South, Exeter)

  • Please review the general provisions before submitting a flag lowering request.
  • All requests for flag lowering shall be for the  flags the Olde Town Hall, 322 Main Street East, Exeter, Ontario. 
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  • Please review the general provisions before submitting a community flag flying request.
  • All request for community flag flying shall be for the designated Community Flagpole, located at the Downtown Parkette (406 Main Street South, Exeter)
  • The purchase of the community flag to be flown is the responsibility of the requester.
    • Flag size: Flags flown on the Community Flagpole cannot exceed 3 feet (36 inches) by 5 feet (72 inches)
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General Provisions 

  • The Municipality reserves the right to cancel a flag lowering or community flag flying in the case of an unforeseen circumstance.
  • The Municipality shall reserve the right at all times to remove, refuse or deny a request as deemed necessary or appropriate by the Clerk, or their written designate.
  • Requests for flag lowering and community flag flying will not be approved for:
    • Political parties or organizations.
    • Religious organizations, commercial entities or in celebration of corporate events.
    • Intent that is contrary to the Municipality of South Huron policies and/or bylaws.
    • Events or organizations with no direct relationship to the Municipality of South Huron
    • Matters of political controversy, religious beliefs or individual conviction.
    • Organizations requesting flag raisings that espouse hatred, violence or racism.
    • Organizations that have already requested a flag lowering during the same calendar year.
  • Flags shall only be raised and lowered on those business days that the Municipal Office is open. 
  • Requests must be received no less than 30 business days prior to the date requested.
  • Requests will be approved on a first come, first served basis, determined by the date of receipt by the Clerk.
  • Requests may be for a period of up to 2 weeks in length.
  • There will be no presentation or delegations at Council with respect to flag lowering or community flag flying, except to appeal a decision. 
  • When the flag is lowered to half-mast or a community flag is approved for flying, notice will be provided of the reason to all staff and council and posted on the municipal website and social media accounts if time permits.

Location of Flags on Municipal Property

The flag poles are located on Municipal lands/premises and regularly display the Canadian Flag (and where 2 poles exist, the Provincial Flag of Ontario is also flown) as follows:

LocationNumber of Flagpoles
Town Hall (Outside) 2
Town Hall - Council Chambers (Inside) 1
Island (Main Street Bridge) 1
Exeter Pool 1
Exeter Public Cemetery 1
Kirkton-Woodham Community Centre 1
Kirkton-Woodham Community Pool 1
Crediton Hall 1
Dashwood Hall 1
Centralia Park 1
Port Blake 1
Exeter Fire Station 1
Dashwood Fire Station 1

Designated Community Flagpole

The following flagpole is designated as a community flagpole where approved community flag flying to occur:

LocationNumber of Flagpoles
 Main Street Parkette (406 Main Street S, Exeter)  1


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